Destiny 2 The Fourth Horseman Catalyst: Getting it in 2022

by | Feb 22, 2022

[toc] The Fourth Horseman may not be the most popular weapon out there, but it’s still one of the most powerful Special weapons in the game. At least in terms of sheer DPS potential. The weapon is even better with the catalyst, which is why it was such a shame that the catalyst wasn’t available for over a year.

But with the release of The Witch Queen, the catalyst for The Fourth Horseman is finally available again. This quick guide will tell you everything there is to know about it: How to get it? How to unlock it? Is it even worth it?

And that last part is important because Exotic catalysts can be extremely hard to find and/or unlock, but the benefits are not always up to par.

How to get The Fourth Horseman’s catalyst

Previously part of Season of the Worthy, the catalyst for The Fourth Horseman can now be found through:

Playlist activities (Strikes, Crucible, Gambit) completions

As is the case of many other catalysts, this one is purely RNG-based, which means that finding it will depend on your luck.

How to unlock the catalyst?

Once you have found the catalyst, you will need:

  •  400 kills

Can you farm The Fourth Horseman’s catalyst?

To unlock the Catalyst, any place with lots of easy-to-kill enemies can be a good spot. The Shuro Chi encounter from the Last With raid is a particularly popular spot to farm catalysts.

Another great alternative is the entrance to the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. It doesn’t require a checkpoint and enemies literally spawn forever.

Grasp of Avarice Destiny 2 900p

Grasp of Avarice Dungeon

The Fourth Horseman Catalyst Perks

The catalyst adds the following perk:

  •  And its name was Death: Adds an additional round to the magazine and increases reload speed by +40.

The Fourth Horseman is an overlooked weapon that deserves more attention. While it can feel unwieldy and requires you to get very close to your targets to be effective, it’s still also one of the highest DPS Special weapons in Destiny 2.

You won’t see it in endgame content very often (most close-range weapons struggle in Master and Grandmaster activities), but for everything else, including raids, it’s a fun and lethal option.

How to get the The Fourth Horseman?

If you still don’t have Outbreak Perfected, you can purchase it at the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower. It will cost you:

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 125,000 Glimmer
  • 200 Dusklight Shard
  • 1 Ascendant Shards

More Destiny 2 Catalysts:

Is the Catalyst worth it?

Both weapon and catalyst can be easily considered B Tier:

  • B Tier – Average: Decent choices that can be lethal in the hands of a skilled player.

The fact that shotguns require you to be up close and personal make them too risky in inefficient for endgame content. For that reason alone, shotguns aren’t too popular for PVE right now.

Having said that, The Fourth Horseman is still a DPS monster and can be extremely fun to use in most other PVE content, including Raids and Seasonal content.

For PVP, you’ll be better served with shotguns that have better range.

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