Destiny 2 The Navigator + Catalyst: How to get them

by | Mar 8, 2024

The Navigator Exotic Trace rifle can drop after defeating the Ghost of the Deep final boss. This Navigator is not only the first Strand Trace rifle to come out, it’s also one of the most powerful Dungeon exotics in Destiny 2.

Today, we cover how powerful this Exotic is and tell you exactly how to get both Exotic weapon and catalyst.

How to get The Navigator Catalyst

The Navigator Catalyst can be acquired by defeating three hidden bosses found within the Ghost of the Deep. You’ll have to find and activate three Hive Statues and defeat the Lightbear Hives that we’ll spawn to protect them. This excellent video guide from Kimber Prime covers in detail how to acquire it.

The Catalyst grants the following Exotic Trait:

  • Gordian Knot: Special reload and then fire to create a Grapple Tangle at the targeted point.

Once acquired, you’ll need 700 weapon kills to unlock it. Using typical farming methods such as Shuro Chi or the opening section of Grasp of Avarice will speed things along.

How to get The Navigator Exotic

The Navigator can only drop from the Ghost of the Deep’s final boss. Considering that dungeons are relatively short and easier to organize than raids, you shouldn’t have too much trouble organizing this every week. You can find the entire Ghost of the Deep loot table here.

How to get Ghost of the Deep weapons screen Destiny 2

How to get The Navigator, Destiny 2

The Navigator drop rate

The Navigator is estimated to have a base drop rate of around 5%, based on community-driven data. Note that actual drop rates are unknown, as Bungie has never shared that information.

Albeit drop rates for Raid and Dungeon exotics are abysmally low, completing Triumphs will increase dungeon exotic drop rates. In this case:

Triumph Rate Boost
Lore Collectibles Triumph (In Memoriam) +1
Master Mode Completion (Sovereign) +1
Full Flawless Clear (Deny Death) +1
Full Solo Clear (Alone in the Deep) +1
Full Solo Flawless Clear (King of the Deep) +2

Can you farm The Navigator?

You can absolutely farm The Navigator, but only when the Ghost of Deep dungeon is the weekly featured dungeonThis is the case for all dungeon Exotics, except for the latest released dungeon, which is not part of the weekly rotation. 

By the way, whenever Ghost of the Deep is the featured dungeon, you can farm all of its Legendary weapons and armor at will, too.

The Navigator Exotic perks screen Destiny 2

The Navigator Exotic, Destiny 2

How good is The Navigator Dungeon Exotic?

The Navigator features unique Exotic traits that set it apart:

  • Protective Weave: Firing this weapon at an ally grants Woven Mail to the user and the target.
  • Weft Cutter: Dealing sustained damage severs the target.

The Navigator is obscenely powerful on the Titan class but only average on Warlock and Hunter. On Titan, The Navigator can deal outrageous damage with the Grapple Melee, Wormgod Caress, and a one-two punch Shotgun.

Overall, we consider The Navigator to be A-Tier for PvE and PvP.

A-tier for PvE A-tier for PvP

Before you go…

Are you looking for other top-tier Exotics worth chasing? We cover How to get Buried Bloodline + Catalyst here. If you’re interested in other weapons from Ghost of the Deep, we cover the top Cold Comfort God Rolls here.

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