Destiny 2 Weapon mods: How to get them?

by | Mar 26, 2023

Weapon Mods are an essential part of the Destiny 2 experience. Using the proper mods can make the difference between a decent weapon and an excellent one.

However, Weapon Mods are nowhere near as accessible as they should be, especially for new players. Unless you’ve been playing Destiny 2 consistently for the past few years, you are probably missing a few essential mods. this page will help you find them.

How to get Weapon Mods in 2023

Weapon mods, as well as rotating weapons, can be purchased from Banshee-44. He’s located in the Tower. He sells four mods per day, and every day, the mods on offer change, which means you’ll have to visit him daily until you finally find what you’re looking for.

The cost for a Weapon Mod is 10,000 Glimmer.

Gunsmith location Destiny 2 featured

Banshee-44 is a vendor located in the Tower

Banshee mods: The Complete list

There aren’t that many weapon mods out there, which means that visiting Banshee every day for a week or so should be enough to get your hands on every mod available. These are all the weapon mods offered by Banshee:

ArtMod NameEffectsSpecs
Freehand Grip Mod Freehand GripIncreases accuracy and ready speed while firing from the hip.Hipfire Accuracy Cone Growth and 0.95x Ready Animation Duration Multiplier.
Icarus Grip Mod
Icarus GripModerately increases airborne effectiveness.Grants 15 Airborne Effectiveness.
Targeting Adjuster Mod
Targeting AdjusterThis weapon gains better target acquisition.+5 Aim Assist.
Counterbalance Stock ModCounterbalance StockReduces recoil deviation for the weapon.+15 Recoil Direction.
Backup Mag Mod Destiny 2
Backup MagIncreases magazine.+30 Magazine Stat, the equivalent of Extended Mag.
Major Spec Mod Destiny 2
Major SpecDeals extra damage against powerful enemies.7.77% Damage Increase against Elites and Minibosses
Minor Spec ModMinor SpecDeals extra damage against rank-and-file enemies.7.77% Damage Increase against Red bar enemies
Radar Tuner ModRadar TunerRadar immediately returns when you stop aiming down sights.Radar normally takes 1.5s to return.
Quick Access Sling ModQuick Access SlingIncreases this weapon's ready and stow speed.0.9x Ready/Stow Animation Duration Multiplier.
Sprint Grip ModSprint GripTemporarily increases the weapon's ready speed and aim down sights speed after sprinting.-
Boss Spec ModBoss SpecIncreases damage against bosses and vehicles.7.77% Damage Increase against Bosses and Vehicles.
Radar Tuner ModRadar BoosterSlightly increases the range at which radar detects enemies.Maximum Radar Distance increased by 8 meters.

Are Banshee’s mods random?

The Gunsmith’s mods rotate each day randomly. Therefore, some mods may take months before they become available for purchase again.

When do Banshee-44 mods reset?

Like everything else in Destiny 2, the Gunsmith’s mods rotate daily at 9:00 AM Pacific (1700 UTC). This means that every day at 9:00, the four mods available will rotate into something else.

Before you go…

While weapon mods are an important part of the Destiny 2 experience, Armor mods are even more important! You can learn all about Armor mods (and how to get them) here.

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