Destiny 2 DPS chart: The Highest DPS weapons

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Short for Damage per Second, DPS dictates how much damage you can deal to Bosses or Majors. Combining burst damage, rate of fire, and reload speeds, DPS is the best indicator of a weapon’s lethality in PVE.

For the sake of clarity, DPS in Destiny 2 is calculated per archetype and not per weapon (excluding some Exotics). For example, all adaptive Sniper Rifles deal the same damage per bullet at the same rate of fire and therefore do the same DPS.

In this post, we will keep things simple and focus on the base DPS values of every weapon archetype in the game, therefore excluding Damage perks. The table below will also include examples of the best weapons per archetype.

The tables below use the excellent data from the Damage Chart Madness spreadsheet. A big thank you to Reddit user IAMADragonAMAA for a great job done.

Destiny 2 DPS values as of Season 15

Checkmark icon V3List updated as of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event.  Link

Damage numbers: In this section, DPS refers to the average damage per second a weapon can inflict. You can read more about the methodology used here.

Just as the Destiny 2 Meta and TTK values, DPS values can also dramatically change from season to season. The tables below are up to date with Season of the Lost:

Heavy Weapons

-Weapon TypeArchetypeAverage DPSBurst DPSTotal DamageSpecs--Best in ClassChange?
Destiny 2 One Thousand Voices artFusion Rifles

One Thousand Voices

Linear fusion rifle weapon type Destiny 2Linear Fusion RiflesPrecision14,97917,844356,880-Threaded Needle Destiny 2 artThreaded NeedleBuffed
Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant artLinear Fusion Rifles

Sleeper Simulant

21,79925,351396,792With CatalystBuffed
Destiny 2 The Queenbreaker artLinear Fusion Rifles

The Queenbreaker

15,18217,844389,320With Marksman Sights--Buffed
Rocket launcher weapon type Destiny 2Rocket LaunchersAdaptive14,368-198,282-Hoosegow Destiny 2 artHoosegowSame
Rocket launcher weapon type Destiny 2Rocket LaunchersAggressive14,687-202,685With Impact CasingHezen Vengeance Destiny 2 artHezen VengeanceSame
Rocket launcher weapon type Destiny 2Rocket LaunchersHigh-Impact14,368-198,282-Code Duello Destiny 2 artCode DuelloSame
Rocket launcher weapon type Destiny 2Rocket LaunchersPrecision14,368-198,282-Royal Entry Destiny 2 artRoyal EntrySame
Gjallarhorn Destiny 2 artRocket Launchers


Destiny 2 Deathbringer artRocket Launchers


Destiny 2 Truth artRocket Launchers


Destiny 2 Two-Tailed Fox artRocket Launchers

Two Tailed Fox

Destiny 2 The Wardcliff CoilRocket Launchers

The Wardcliff Coil

Eyes of Tomorrow Destiny 2 1Rocket Launchers

Eyes of Tomorrow

Grenade launcher weapon type Destiny 2Grenade LaunchersAdaptive18,32721,855131,130With Spike GrenadesCrowd Pleaser Destiny 2 artCrowd PleaserSame
Grenade launcher weapon type Destiny 2Grenade LaunchersPrecision14,65518,061195,057With Spike Grenades--Same
Grenade launcher weapon type Destiny 2Grenade LaunchersRapid-Fire15,27322,236133,418With Spike GrenadesOutrageous Fortune Destiny 2 artOutrageous FortuneSame
Grenade launcher weapon type Destiny 2Grenade Launchers

The Prospector

20,52925,567148,752-Destiny 2 The Prospector artThe ProspectorSame
Grenade launcher weapon type Destiny 2Grenade Launchers

The Colony

14,05017,089102,536-Destiny 2 The Colony artThe ColonySame
Grenade launcher weapon type Destiny 2Grenade Launchers


-5,777346,608-Destiny 2 AnarchyAnarchySame
Machine gun weapon type Destiny 2Machine GunsAdaptive6,4668,595265;872-Commemoration Destiny 2 artCommemorationSame
Machine gun weapon type Destiny 2Machine GunsHigh-Impact5,9407,938317,520-THE SWARM Destiny 2 artTHE SWARMSame
Machine gun weapon type Destiny 2Machine GunsRapid-Fire7,3529,855201,042-Thermal Erosion Destiny 2 artThermal ErosionSame
Destiny 2 XenophageMachine Guns


Destiny 2 Heir Apparent artMachine Guns

Heir Apparent

Destiny 2 Thunderlord artMachine Guns


Destiny 2 Leviathan's Breath artCombat Bows

Leviathan's Breath

Destiny 2 Legend of Acrius artShotguns

Legend of Acrius

25,23225,232247,730Assumes reload canceling--Buffed
Destiny 2 Tractor Cannon artShotguns

Tractor Cannon

15,86216,451172,732After debuff--Same
Destiny 2 Whisper of the Worm artSniper Rifles

Whisper of the Worm

Destiny 2 DARCI artSniper Rifles


Sword weapon type Destiny 2SwordsAdaptive17,532-319,822With Jagged EdgeHonors Edge Destiny 2 artHonor's EdgeSame
Sword weapon type Destiny 2SwordsAggressive20,429-413,487With Jagged EdgeCrown-Splitter Destiny 2 artCrown-SplitterSame
Sword weapon type Destiny 2SwordsCaster15,078-298,546With Jagged EdgeSola's Scar Destiny 2 artSola's ScarSame
Sword weapon type Destiny 2SwordsLightweight17,466-435,241With Jagged EdgeQuickfang Destiny 2 artQuickfangSame
Sword weapon type Destiny 2SwordsVortex18,094-279,650With Jagged EdgeFalling Guillotine Destiny 2 artFalling GuillotineSame
Destiny 2 Black TalonSwords

Black Talon

The Lament Destiny 2Swords

The Lament


Special Weapons

-Weapon TypeArchetypeAverage DPSBurst DPSTotal DamageSpecs--Best in ClassChange?
Fusion rifle weapon type Destiny 2Fusion RiflesHigh-Impact8,1319,042212,475-Glacioclasm Destiny 2 artGlacioclasmSame
Fusion rifle weapon type Destiny 2Fusion RiflesPrecision8,2529,306191,940-PLUG ONE.1 Destiny 2 artPLUG ONE.1Same
Fusion rifle weapon type Destiny 2Fusion RiflesAdaptive8,9559,714150,948-Trinary System Destiny 2 artTrinary SystemSame
Destiny 2 Telesto artFusion Rifles


Fusion rifle weapon type Destiny 2Fusion RiflesAggressive9,67710,774250,236-Coriolis Force Destiny 2 artCoriolis ForceSame
Destiny 2 JotunnFusion Rifles


Fusion rifle weapon type Destiny 2Fusion RiflesRapid-Fire11,54812,712166,068-Null Composure Destiny 2 artNull ComposureSame
Destiny 2 BastionFusion Rifles


Destiny 2 Merciless artFusion Rifles


Witherhoard art Destiny 2Grenade Launchers


Grenade launcher weapon type Destiny 2Grenade LaunchersLightweight6,24114,376182,096-Ignition Code Destiny 2 artIgnition CodeBuffed
Grenade launcher weapon type Destiny 2Grenade LaunchersLightweight6,77915,617197,809With Spike GrenadesSalvager's Salvo Destiny 2 artSalvager's SalvoBuffed
Destiny 2 Eriana's Vow artHand Cannon

Eriana's Vow

11,60312,456224,208With First Glance--Same
Destiny 2 Arbalest artLinear Fusion Rifles


Lorentz Driver Destiny 2 artLinear Fusion Rifles

Lorentz Driver

Shotgun weapon type Destiny 2ShotgunsPrecision9,23010,869180,594-Retold Tale Destiny 2 artRetold TaleBuffed
Shotgun weapon type Destiny 2ShotgunsAggressive9,73610,685174,840-Found Verdict Destiny 2 artFound VerdictBuffed
Shotgun weapon type Destiny 2ShotgunsRapid-Fire10,92716,107144,963-IKELOS SG v1.0.2 Destiny 2 artIKELOS_SG_v1.0.2Buffed
Shotgun weapon type Destiny 2ShotgunsLightweight11,71513,485121,368-Destiny 2 Seventh Seraph CQC-12Seventh Seraph CQC-12Buffed
Shotgun weapon type Destiny 2ShotgunsPrecision Slug11,89412,983143,808-Heritage Destiny 2 artHeritageNerfed
Duality Destiny 2Shotguns


15,95515,025249,642When aiming down sights--Buffed
Destiny 2 Lord of Wolves art
Lord of Wolves

Lord of Wolves

17,51523,050221,280Wolves released--Same
Destiny 2 The Chaperone artShotguns

The Chaperone

22,38229,320175,920Roadborne active--Nerfed
Destiny 2 The Fourth Horseman artShotguns

Fourth Horseman

27,20474,736186,840With Catalyst--Buffed
Sniper rifle weapon type Destiny 2Sniper RiflesAggressive8,61111,191139,883-Succession Destiny 2 artSuccessionSame
Sniper rifle weapon type Destiny 2Sniper RiflesAdaptive8,72511,398121,576-Uzume RR4 Destiny 2 artUzume RR4Same
Sniper rifle weapon type Destiny 2Sniper RiflesRapid-Fire10,04013,44586,430-IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2 Destiny 2 artIKELOS_SR_v1.0.2Same
Destiny 2 Izanagi's BurdenSniper Rifles

Izanagi's Burden

15,056-181,880With Catalyst--Same
Cloudstrike Destiny 2Sniper Rifles


Destiny 2 Prometheus Lens artTrace Rifles

Prometheus Lens

Destiny 2 Divinity artTrace Rifles


7,1827,455192,836With debuff--Same
Destiny 2 Wavesplitter artTrace Rifles


8,9619,998266,614With Orb pick up--Same
Destiny 2 Coldheart artTrace Rifles


9,50010,667359,132At Max charge--Same
Ager's Scepter Destiny 2 artTrace Rifles

Ager's Scepter

16,30016,920437,664With Catalyst Proc'd--Same

Primary Weapons

-Weapon TypeArchetypeAverage DPSBurst DPSTotal DamageSpecs--Best in ClassChange?
Auto rifle weapon type Destiny 2Auto RiflesRapid-Fire3,9064,542280,847High aim assist, low rangeReckless Oracle Destiny 2Reckless OracleSame
Auto rifle weapon type Destiny 2Auto RiflesAdaptive3,5554,300295,840High handlingGnawing Hunger Destiny 2 artGnawing HungerSame
Auto rifle weapon type Destiny 2Auto RiflesPrecision3,3694,073225,888High range, low aim assistShadow Price Destiny 2 artShadow PriceSame
Auto rifle weapon type Destiny 2Auto RiflesHigh-Impact3,3613,993298,144Excellent range, low stabilityFalse Promises Destiny 2False PromisesSame
Combat bow weapon type Destiny 2Combat BowsLightweight-3,265229,704640 ms Draw timeArsenic Bite 4b Destiny 2 artArsenic Bite-4bSame
Combat bow weapon type Destiny 2Combat BowsPrecision-3,215252,221680 ms Draw timeBiting Winds Destiny 2 artBiting WindsSame
Destiny 2 Le Monarque artCombat Bows

Le Monarque

Destiny 2 Wish Ender artCombat Bows

Wish Ender

Destiny 2 The Last WordHand Cannon

The Last Word

Hand cannon weapon type Destiny 2Hand CannonAggressive2,9653,843224,816High range, low stability and handlingIgneous Hammer Destiny 2 artIgneous HammerSame
Hand cannon weapon type Destiny 2Hand CannonPrecision2,8653,639131,004High stability, poor handlingPosterity Destiny 2 artPosteritySame
Hand cannon weapon type Destiny 2Hand CannonAdaptive2,7243,464163,295Good stability, decent rangeDestiny 2 Ace of Spades artAce of SpadesSame
No Time to Explain Destiny 2Pulse Rifle

No Time to Explain

3,6874,381371,126With Catalyst--Same
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleAdaptive2,8253,246194,778High handling, decent rangeThe Third Axiom Destiny 2 artThe Third AxiomSame
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleRapid-Fire2,7713,285137,970High aim assist, low rangeThe Time-Worn Spire Destiny 2 artThe Time-Worn SpireSame
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleAggressive2,7443,232241,312Excellent range, low aim assistSacred Provenance Destiny 2 artSacred ProvenanceSame
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleHigh-Impact2,7203,281250,128High range & recoil, low aim assistThe Messenger Destiny 2 artThe MessengerSame
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleLightweight2,5733,046160,805Excellent handling, low rangeChattering Bone Destiny 2Chattering BoneSame
Dead Man's Tale Destiny 2 artScout Rifle

Dead Man's Take

4,9426,769568,588Good Range, Good stability--Same
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RifleRapid-Fire3,3524,104170,460High stability, very low rangeTrustee Destiny 2 artTrusteeSame
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RifleLightweight3,3183,807219,264-Night Watch Destiny 2 artNight WatchSame
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RifleLightweight3,3183,807219,264Excellent aim assist & handling, low rangeNight Watch Destiny 2 artNight Watch
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RifleHigh-Impact3,0463,578340,578Excellent range, low aim assistThe Guiding Sight Destiny 2The Guiding Sight
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RifleHigh-Impact3,0463,578340,578-The Scholar Destiny 2 artThe ScholarSame
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RiflePrecision3,0153,489204,688High stability, decent elsewhereRoyal Chase Destiny 2 artRoyal ChaseSame
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmAggressive Burst5,3316,193320,151High aim assist, low stability & handlingBrass Attacks Destiny 2 artBrass AttacksSame
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmLightweight5,2846,645149,510High handling, very low rangeAnonymous Autumn Destiny 2Anonymous AutumnSame
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmAdaptive5,1376,431192,937High aim assist, decent elsewhereDrang Destiny 2DrangSame
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmOmolon Adaptive5,0206,355356,452High stability, decent elsewhereLast Dance Destiny 2 artThe Last DanceSame
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmSUROS Rapid-Fire4,8816,380140,353Good recoil, very low range & aim assistThe Fool's Remedy Destiny 2The Fool's RemedySame
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmPrecision4,7426,193205,794Excellent aim assist, low stability & handlingLonesome Destiny 2 artLonesomeSame
SMG weapon type Destiny 2SMGLightweight4,6636,833180,378High aim assist and handling, low rangeMultimach CCX Destiny 2 artMultimach CCXSame
SMG weapon type Destiny 2SMGAggressive4,5916,558206,031High range, low aim assistIKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2 Destiny 2 artIKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2Same
SMG weapon type Destiny 2SMGAdaptive4,3006,075187,110High stability & range, poor recoilDestiny 2 RiskrunnerRiskrunnerSame
SMG weapon type Destiny 2SMGPrecision3,8755,645220,155Excellent range & aim assist, low handlingSeventh Seraph VY-7 Destiny 2Seventh Seraph VY-7Same

These are important things to understand when reading these tables:

  1. Damage perks will significantly change maximum DPS values
  2. Times-to-kills are listed with optimal damage (maximum damage at close range) and damage falloff will dramatically affect the listed numbers (SMGs and sidearms in particular).

Destiny 2 Power Weapons: What is the Meta?

Keep in mind that the top Power weapons are not only defined by their raw DPS or Total Damage. Many other things come into play. Some of them, almost as important as raw damage.

For example, just as damage numbers and ease of use are extremely important, a weapon’s role is critical too. This is especially true for Heavy weapons:

Role Explanation Target Weapon types
Add Clear Clearing weaker enemies faster than you could with a primary ammo weapon. For most content, primaries do the add clear job perfectly well, so this is most useful in high difficulty PvE. Main: Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, Swords

Secondary: Rocket Launchers

Single Target Damage Burning down a boss. Main: Linear Fusion Rifles, Exotic Snipers, Swords

Secondary: Grenade Launchers, Machine Guns

Burst Damage Burning down a champion quickly, or for bosses with multiple damage phases, clearing a phase quickly. Main: Rocket Launchers

Secondary: Linear Fusion Rifles

Based on that, when choosing a Power weapon, always keep in mind the type of damage you need.


About the DPS numbers: As mentioned before, the DPS figures used for this Tier list come from the excellent Damage Chart Madness database.

As explained in that document:

Average DPS represents a weapons performance when emptying all of its reserves, with only full magazines. This factors in that the first magazine is already loaded, and you keep firing until the last mag is empty. Effectively, a combination of Burst DPS and Sustain DPS. The most accurate representation of a gun’s performance in most circumstances.

Bear in mind this number is done with luna/rally/fieldprep reload buffs

That document also includes Sustained DPS in case you want to get into the nitty-gritty.

The Last Word

Seasoned PVE players have a good understanding of the current PVE meta, and by extension, DPS values. However, if all of this is new to you, the chart above will help you better decide what weapons to bring to your next PVE challenge.

And by the way, even if you’re a veteran, it’s always good to have these figures at hand!

Latest changes

Things change fast in Destiny 2, especially the Meta. The weapons we call the best one day can completely change the next. All it takes are a few minor changes on Bungie’s end. For that reason, this ranking will be updated at least once per season.

Changes introduced this season:

The following items were added to the ranking:

  • Gjallarhorn exotic
  • Legacy PR-55 archetype

The following weapons types received noticeable buffs:

  • Linear Fusion Rifles
  • Pellet Shotguns
  • Several Exotics

And finally, a weapons type did receive a PVE nerf:

  • Slug Shotguns

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