Destiny 2 Crucible Labs This Week: Season 22 Rotation

by | Nov 21, 2023

The Crucible, Destiny 2’s PvP mode, has been through several changes over the seasons. And while most hardcore PvP players continue to complain about the state of the Crucible, Bungie has done a lot to encourage players to engage more with the mode.

Namely, the Crucible now features several Playlist combining different modes, matchmaking systems and more. This guide focuses on the Crucible Labs Playlist.

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Destiny 2 Crucible Playlist Rotation: November 14, 2023

The Crucible Labs mode available this week is the following:

Crucible Labs modes on rotation

On any given week, one of these modes will be active in-game:

Crucible Labs mode Effect
Zone Control Achieve victory by controlling zones, earning points for your team over time.
Showdown Achieve victory by defeating opponents and preventing revives. Win the most rounds or face off in an elimination showdown.
Mayhem Faster Supers, abilities, and Power ammo spawns-withstand, and engage in a whirlwind of chaos.
Team Scorched Fight for Valor by defeating opponents using Scorch Cannons.
Clash Defeat enemy guardians. Every opponent defeated awards the team 1 point. The first team to 150 points wins.
Momentum Control Capture zones and defeat opponents. All weapons are more lethal, abilities replenish only on kills, and tracker is disabled.
Rift Take the Spark from the middle of the map into the base of the enemy team and dunk it into the enemy Rift. One dunk equals one point; the first to make it to five points wins.

Destiny 2 Weekly Crucible Rotation 2023

These are the Crucible Labs modes scheduled this season:

WeekParty ModeRelentless ModeMatchmakingWeek #
22 August 2023Momentum ControlRiftConnection-based Week 1
29 August 2023MayhemZone ControlConnection-based Week 2
5 September 2023Team ScorchedClashConnection-based Week 3
12 September 2023Momentum ControlSupremacyConnection-based Week 4
19 September 2023MayhemRiftConnection-based Week 5
26 September 2023Team ScorchedZone ControlConnection-based Week 6
3 October 2023Momentum ControlClashConnection-based Week 7
10 October 2023MayhemSupremacyConnection-based Week 8
17 October 2023Team ScorchedRiftConnection-based Week 9
24 October 2023Momentum ControlZone ControlConnection-based Week 10
31 October 2023MayhemClashConnection-based Week 11
7 November 2023Team ScorchedSupremacyConnection-based Week 12
14 November 2023Momentum ControlRiftConnection-based Week 13
21 November 2023MayhemZone ControlConnection-based Week 14

To stay on top of Destiny 2 rotations and weekly changes, we have both Today in Destiny 2 (and next week, too) covered.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset time

All activities and rewards in Destiny 2 reset every Tuesday at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm GMT / 6PM CEST.

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