Destiny 2 Deepsight Weapons: Patterns and Red Border weapons (S19)

by | Feb 18, 2023

With the release of The Witch Queen, Destiny 2 saw an overhaul to how Guardians chased weapons thanks to weapon crafting. With weapon crafting, we can finally create the perfect God roll of our dreams! Provided we have time to gain weapon XP and resources to upgrade it!

But more importantly, a weapon cannot be crafted without first collecting Deepsight weapons to unlock its pattern. This guide focuses on just that: Where and how to farm Deepsight weapons to earn crafting patterns.

Deepsight weapons and Patterns: How does it work?

Weapon crafting has evolved to include some of the most potent weapons Destiny 2 has seen, like the Ikelos SMG, Forbearance, and Cataclysmic, which is why knowing the sources and methods of getting the patterns for these guns is essential.

Each crafted weapon has a ‘Pattern’, which requires 1-5 Deepsighted versions of that gun. These Deepsighted versions are random drops and can come from several sources, like Umbral Engrams, finishing activities, or Raid chests (for raid weapons).

Seasonal weapons typically allow you to focus Umbral Engrams into a weekly guaranteed Deepsight version of a seasonal weapon of your choice. Raids also provide a weekly free Deepsight Raid weapon of your choice upon defeating the final boss, and a random Deepsighted Raid weapon if your Fireteam activates the Deepsight chest.

Crafted weapon with Memento

Where to find  Deepsight weapons.

For the most part, Deepsight weapons are random drops, and you have to rely on some RNG to get your patterns crafted in a reasonable timeframe. But some Patterns can be earned weekly, provided you know where to find them. This table covers every source of Deepsight weapons currently in the game:

SourceSource typeRewards
Heisted DeepsightUpgradeS19 weapons
Opulent UpgradeUpgradeS17 weapons
Dares of EternityFirst Pinnacle of weekDares of Eternity weapons
Vow of the DiscipleRaid Encounter CompletionVow of the Disciple weapons
Duality Dungeon Gahlran or Caiatl completionFixed Odds/ The Epicurean
King's FallRaid Encounter CompletionKing's Fall weapons
Wellspring Wellspring CompletionWellspring weapons
World loot pool?Activity completion/Random dropWorld drops
Throne WorldThrone World activity completionThrone World weapons
Plunder UpgradeUpgradeS18 weapons
War Table UpgradeUpgradeS16 weapons
Seraph's ShieldExoticRevision Zero
The Witch QueenExoticOsteo Striga
Deep Stone CryptDeep Stone Crypt encounter completionDeep Stone Crypt weapons
Exotic Quest- REVERSE-LUREExoticEdge of Action, Edge of Intent, Edge of Concurrence

Before you go

Given how hard it can be to find the need patterns to craft a weapon, it is important to understand which craftable weapons are worth the hassle! This guide covers the very best weapons in Destiny 2, including crafted ones.

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