Destiny 2 Weekly Campaign Mission: March 14, 2023

by | Mar 21, 2023

Since the release of The Witch Queen last year, Destiny 2 now lets you replay specific campaign missions. Lightfall is no different. Lightfall may not tell the best story, but the moment-to-moment gameplay is still peak Destiny. This is why jumping back to specific missions, without following the storyline, is lots of fun.

To encourage you to relive some of the campaign’s best missions, Destiny 2 offers a weekly campaign mission to tackle. Your rewards: Pinnacle gear.

Weekly Campaign Mission

Campaign Mission this week

This week, the featured weekly mission is No Time Left, Lightfall’s sixth campaign mission.

WeekMissionDescriptionWeek #
21 March 2023No Time LeftStop the Darkness relay from activating and creating a link between the Witness and the Veil.Week 4

To earn the Pinnacle reward upon completion, you need to score 100,000 or better. There are several difficulties, and the higher the difficulty you choose, the more points you’ll score.

Weekly Mission requirements

Generally speaking, completing this mission in Legend will more than suffice to earn the 100,000 points required. This means, however, that you’ll need to find your own Fireteam beforehand (using an LFG method) and have a recommended Power Level of 1830.

Weekly Campaign Mission difficulties

Previous Weekly Missions

  • Week 1: None
  • Week 2: First Contact, Lightfall’s first campaign mission.
  • Week 3: Breakneck
  • Week 4: No Time Left

Other Rewards

On top of receiving a Pinnacle reward (if you manage to score 100,000 points or more), you can also receive the following:

Lightfall Neomuna Armor set featured

Thunderhead Armor set, Destiny 2

As is the case with every other activity in Destiny 2, the higher the Difficulty, the higher the chances of receiving the rewards.

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