Destiny 2 Vex Incursion Zone Today: Timer and Rewards

by | Jul 9, 2024

The Vex Incursion Zone is a special area located in Neomuna that promises better rewards in exchange for a bigger challenge. However, most Guardians are far more interested in the special event that takes place within these incursion zones: The Vex Strike Force.

This guide will tell you everything there is to know about Vex Incursion Zones and Vex Strike Forces, including resources to find active events which is by far the most challenging part of the experience.

Vex Incursion Zone this Week: July 9, 2024

Vex Incursion Zones are always active. However, when you visit one, you’ll barely notice anything unusual. The only time when Vex Incursion Zones become truly dangerous and rewarding is when a Vex Strike Force event occurs.

Vex Incursion Zone Active

Vex Incursion Zone, Destiny 2

Vex Strike Force Public event

The Vex Strike Force is a massive Public event only within the Vex Incursion Zone. The event will give you 10 minutes to defeat six powerful Vex bosses, supported by high-level enemies and several red bar support troops.

Most players actually refer to the Vex Strike Force when talking about the “next Vex Incursion Zone”.

Vex Incursion Zone Rewards

According to Bungie, defeating enemies and completing challenges within the Vex Incursion Zone will reward players with Strand Meditations and Exotics. However, the actual experience of engaging with these zones is disappointing. There are barely more enemies than usual, and the rewards are practically the same as in every other Patrol area in the game.

Vex Strike Force events are much more rewarding:

  • The Vex Strike Force event in the Vex Incursion Zone will drop a new piece of Exotic armor on a knockout list.
  • If you don’t have any Exotic armor left to collect, it will drop a random Exotic roll.

How often is the Vex Incursion?

A Vex Incursion Zone will be active at all times.

Vex Incursion locations

Vex Incursion Zones will rotate and change location every week. The three different possible areas are the following:

  • Zephyr Concourse
  • Ahimsa Park
  • Strider’s Gate

Before you go…

Neomuna is indeed one of the most active destinations in Destiny 2. On top of the Vex Strike Force event and Vex Incursion Zones, you can also tackle the Terminal Overload event.

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