Eris Morn: Why is she important in Destiny 2?

by | Oct 10, 2022

As a new player in Destiny 2, you first encounter Eris Morn at the beginning of the Shadowkeep campaign. The story revolves around Eris uncovering a Pyramid ship buried under the surface of the Moon. Upon disturbance, strange phantoms begin to appear all over the place.

Eris Morn is also a very close friend to Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard, and often plays the role of either her advisor or ours.

Eris Morn: A Vendor

First and foremost, Eris Morn is an active Vendor in Destiny 2. She can be found at the Sanctuary on the Moon—in front of the landing zone. After players complete the  “A Mysterious Disturbance” quest, Moon bounties will become available for pickup.

Available bounties

At any given time, Eris offers two Weekly bounties, four Daily bounties, and unlimited repeatable bounties. These are available to be collected from Eris directly.

Weekly bounties:

  • Luna’s Recall
  • Lunar Spelunkler
  • Slow-Wave Disruption

Daily bounties:

  • Cut the Anchor
  • Deathless Auto
  • Double Draw
  • Element of Surprise
  • Fallen Aquiver
  • Filamentary, My Dear Ghost
  • Final Termination
  • From Whence They Came

Eris Morn Season of Arrivals

Who is Eris Morn? A brief history

Eris is a…fallen guardian, a Hunter who serves the Vanguard as well as an expert on Hive. Her story begins as the sole survivor of a Fireteam led by Eriana-3, an Exo (sentient machine) whotried to take on Crota, Hive son of Oryx—The Taken King.

Her team was completely wiped out save for Eris, who survived crawling around in the pits of the Hell mouth on Luna (Earth, Moon). She no longer has a ghost, which means she’s mortal and no longer a Guardian. Later, Eris would help to guide Guardians of the Last City to Crota’s destruction. All while continuing a secret alliance with Queen Mara Sov and Osiris, once exiled Warlock.

Eris Morn: The Voice Actor

Eris Morn is voice by Morla Gorrondona.

Morla Gorrondona is known for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (2022), Call of Duty: Black Ops III (2015), and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018).

Recent events involving Eris

Shadowkeep expansion (Season 8)

Eris would discover a trail leading to the threat of Savathun and greater yet. Discovering this, she warned the Vanguard before going to the Luna (the Moon), where finds a Pyramid ship hiding beneath the surface.

  • After players complete the  “A Mysterious Disturbance quest. There you can pick up Moon bounties.
  • Lectern of Enchantment becomes available after the player completes the Back from the Dark quest. It can be found on the Moon, near the Sanctuary landing zone.

Season of Arrivals (Season 11)

Uncovering the Pyramid on the Moon drew the Pyramid fleet into the Sol system, ushering a second collapse. With a Pyramid looming over IO, Mercury, Titan, and Mars. Eris would once again warn the Vanguard and visit IO to decrypt strange messages from the Darkness.

Beyond Light (Season 12)

The Exo stranger summons Eris Morn and Drifter to Europa, a frozen planet with sub-zero temperatures because another Pyramid has landed there, and the Darkness has summoned the fallen (Eliksni) Eramis of House Salvation to grant her and her army Stasis.

The Witch Queen Expansion (Season 16)

After the distraction laid out by Quria – Blade Transform, Savathun’s master plan begins to roll into effect as she returns to Mars now wielding the power of light, she endeavors to take the Traveler and hide it from the Witness.

Eris Morn The Witch Queen

Season of The Haunted (Season 17)

Emperor Calus has returned, desiring more power than ever. This time his eyes are fixed on the Luna Pyramid. Eris takes the lead on this operation arising on the Leviathan and the Nightmares being summoned to it.

As Guardians arrive at the Pyramid, it is made clear that Calus is trying to merge his consciousness with the Pyramid on Luna, weaponizing the Nightmares to block Guardians from stopping him. To overcome this, Eris binds the will of Crow, Zavala, and Emperor Caitl – daughter of Calus, to the Crown of Sorrow to overcome Calus.

During operation Midus, Eris discovers a statue of Calus within the Tribute Hall, giving off unusual energy resonating with Darkness. After investigating, it is revealed that Calus consciousness is tethered to this statue. She builds a device around it, which allows Guardian to enter the dimension representing Calus consciousness to prevent a second collapse.

Eris learned that while they managed to stop Calus from completely merging with the Pyramid, he succeeded in his goal of becoming a Disciple of the Witness, allowing himself to become the harbinger of a Second Collapse.

  • Crown of Sorrow Vendor—The Crown of Sorrow is the seasonal vendor for the Season of the Haunted.
  • Located in the  H.E.L.M. – In the Wing of the Haunted, down the stairs to the left from the landing zone.

Don’t Miss Eris’ Lore

Finally! Before I go, there is also some important Destiny lore featuring Eris you may be interested in. I went ahead and listed them below for you to check out.

You find those in Eidolon Pursuant Armor Set.

If you get stuck, be sure to leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. Be safe out there, and remember, Guardians are stronger together.

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