Destiny 2 Nightfall this Week: Shields and Champions

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Leveling

Nightfall: The Ordeals are an integral part of the Destiny 2 experience. With several difficulty levels and rewards to offer, they will become a part of your weekly ritual early on in your Destiny 2 journey.

When tackled in Legend, Master, or Grandmaster difficulty levels, they become a challenging task for a Fireteam, just as Legend and Master Lost Sectors are challenging to solo players.

Today we focus on higher-difficulty Nightfalls and cover their weekly rotation, Shields, Champions, and more.

Destiny 2 Nightfall this week: January 3, 2023

The Nightfall: The Ordeal on rotation this week is The Glassway, located in Europa.

Nightfall: The Scarlet Keep

Featured Nightfall this week

Shields: Solar Solar & Arc     /     Champions: Barrier & Unstoppable rounds Unstoppable

Requires: Shadowkeep DLC

As with most things in Destiny 2, Nightfall: The Ordeals are on rotation. In this case, a weekly rotation. For the sake of clarity, the week officially resets on Tuesdays at 9 AM PDT.

Season 19 Nightfall rotation

WeekNightfallLocationEventsWeek #
6 December 2022The Insight TerminusNessus-Week 1
13 December 2022Scarlet KeepMoon-Week 2
20 December 2022Birthplace of the VileThrone World-Week 3
27 December 2022The CorruptedDreaming City-Week 4
3 January 2023The GlasswayEuropa-Week 5
10 January 2023Warden of NothingDreaming City-Week 6
17 January 2023The Insight TerminusNessusDouble RewardsWeek 7
24 January 2023Scarlet KeepMoon-Week 8
31 January 2023Birthplace of the VileThrone World-Week 9
7 February 2023The CorruptedDreaming City-Week 10
14 February 2023The GlasswayEuropa-Week 11
21 February 2023Warden of NothingDreaming City-Week 12
28 February 2023The Insight TerminusNessus-Week 13

Nightfall guides: Grandmaster Shields & Champions

Legend, Master, and Grandmaster Nightfalls can be challenging activities, especially for the average player.

Barrier Champions Destiny 2 featured

But no matter your skills, whether you can speedrun Grandmaster Nightfalls or can barely complete a Legend Nightfall, you need to make sure you bring weapons with matching elements and armor with the necessary Champions mods:

The Insight Terminus Grandmaster NightfallThe Insight Terminus Void7x Void10x Barrier
4x Unstoppable

Scarlet Keep NightfallScarlet Keep Arc12x Arc
18x Solar
16x Barrier
4x Unstoppable

Birthplace Vile NightfallBirthplace of the Vile Void5x Void
(2x Random Shields)
12x Overload
8x Unstoppable

The Witch Queen
The Corrupted Grandmaster NightfallThe Corrupted Arc14x Arc
28x Void
20x Solar
8x Overload
10x Unstoppable

The Glassway NightfallThe Glassway Void3x Solar
8x Arc
12x Barrier
14x Overload

Beyond Light
Warden Of Nothing Grandmaster NightfallWarden of Nothing Solar10x Void10x Barrier
4x Overload
7x Unstoppable


Destiny 2 Nightfall rewards

There’s a reason why Nightfalls are such a popular activity in Destiny 2. While they can certainly be fun and challenging, most Guardians play Nightfalls every week for a chance to earn exclusive weapons and Powerful and Pinnacle rewards.

Nightfall weapons

There are 10 Nightfall-specific weapons in total, and with Season of the Risen (S16), only 6 of them are on a weekly rotation, with only one dropping each week.

WeekArtWeaponTypeElementAmmoWeek #
24 January 2023Horror's Least artHorror's LeastPulse RifleArc ArcPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimaryWeek 8

You can read all about Nightfall weapons, including adept versions, drop rates, and rankings, here.

Powerful and Pinnacle rewards

Each week, completing Nightfalls will also reward you with the following gear Powerful and Pinnacle gear:

SourceLocationIncreaseFrequencyFireteam needed?Fireteam neededRequiresRequirementsType
Nightfall: The Ordeal
Score 100,000 points
Playlist: Vanguard+2Weekly


Nightfall: The Ordeals
3 clears at lower difficulty
Playlist: Vanguard+3Weekly



Destiny 2 Nightfall farm: Level Requirements

If you’re interested in farming Nightfalls, you need to have a proper Power Level (including your Artifact’s bonus Power):

Nightfall Difficulty Recommended Level Drop rate
Adept 1490 Rare
Hero 1530 Uncommon
Legend 1560 Common
Master 1590 Common
Grandmaster 1610 Common+

For the record, the Grandmaster screen does not say what the drop rates are, but players keep reporting higher drop rates at Grandmaster difficulty than Master.

Nightfall Difficulties Destiny 2 featured

Season of the Risen in-game screenshot

Needless to say, these aren’t easy and the least you should do is ensure you have a reasonable Power Level. By reasonable, we mean no less than 10 Power Levels below the recommended levels. If you find yourself struggling, work on increasing your Power Level as much as possible.

Your turn

Hopefully, you now have everything you need to know how to conquer and “easily” farm Nightfalls in Destiny 2.

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