Best Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers: How to find a Fireteam

by | Jun 14, 2020

You can definitely enjoy Destiny 2 solo. In fact, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing for months.

But playing Destiny 2 without a fireteam means missing out on a lot. For starters, most end-game activities will be out of your reach. And more importantly, Destiny 2 is much more fun when played alongside other guardians, be it to tackle the new Dungeon or just grind Public events.

I personally challenged myself to find a crew to play some Destiny 2 with, especially for Trials (I need help!), raids, and the new dungeon.

PS: If you’re on PC and want to play some Destiny together, hit me up on Twitter!

If you too are looking for a Fireteam to play Destiny 2 on a regular basis, or are simply looking for a Fireteam to tackle specific challenges, Discord is a great place to LFG (by the way, LFG stands for Looking For Group).

Why LFG is worth your time

Playing an online looter-shooter is by definition better with friends. But more importantly, it is sometimes mandatory:

Most high-end activities in Destiny 2 do not have Matchmaking.

Garden of Salvation raid

Shadowkeep’s Garden of Salvation raid

This is the list of the main activities that do not have Matchmaking and therefore require you to assemble a Fireteam beforehand:

  • Raids: Raids are considered the best PVE content in Destiny. They are challenging, fun, complex, and take place in some of the most memorable locations in the Destiny 2 universe. Raids are particularly tough to organize too, as they are 6-man activities requiring coordination, good communication, and skill. And as an added bonus, they will reward you with powerful gear and fancy cosmetics.
  • Dungeons: These are similar to raids but smaller (and only require a 3-person Fireteam). If you’re interested in the Prophecy dungeon, we have a guide for that.
  •  Trials of Osiris: The equivalent to raids but for PVP, Trials is the most challenging PVP activity in Destiny 2. This is a 3-man activity that will put you in front of the best players in the game. Needless to say, good communication is mandatory if you want a remote chance of success. If you prefer to experience the competitive scene solo, the Freelance Survival mode is a great option.
  • Master and Grandmaster Nightfall: The Ordeals and Nightmare Hunts: Both of these activities are among the few Pinnacle sources in the game. Grandmaster Ordeals also got a reward buff making them more worthy of your time and effort.

If you’re looking to reach the Max Power Level and find the best gear out there, these are mandatory weekly activities. And if you find these too hard, focus on earning XP and increasing your Artifact’s Power Level first.

Why Discord?

There are other LFG tools out there (we cover them below), but dedicated D2 Discord servers offer so many extra features out of the box:

  • Several chat channels to talk about anything Destiny-related
  • Voice channels
  • DM messaging
  • Ranks and roles to differentiate console and PC players, locations, etc

Destiny 2 LFG groups

The most popular Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers

Now that I’ve convinced you to get started with LFG on Discord, these are some of the most popular Destiny 2 LFG servers on Discord:

Destiny 2 PC LFG Discord server

Destiny 2 Discord server

r DestinyTheGame Discord server

Destiny 2 LFGDiscord server

These are are all in English, but if you’re looking for international communities, we have you covered in the section below.

International Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers

These are some of the most popular International LFG Discord communities dedicated to Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 RU Discord server

Destiny LFG FR Discord server

Destiny 2 Italia Discord server

I’m probably missing others but if you’re familiar with other good international Discord servers, let me know and will gladly add them to this page.

Other LFG methods

Discord is a great method to find other Guardians to play with but to be fair, there are other tools out there.

I cover some of the better-known ones in my Essential resources page, but in a nutshell:

  • Destiny 2 Companion App: For some reason, Destiny 2 doesn’t have an in-game Fireteam finder. Luckily, this official companion app has a good LFG (looking for group) system, plus an inventory manager and quest tracker.
  • r/fireteams on Reddit: With close to 100,000 members, this SubReddit is one of the most engaged communities dedicated to helping you find people to play Destiny 2 with, be it to tackle challenging content or farm something.
  • This is another great tool that will help you find guardians and schedule gaming sessions. It also includes a great free app.

Hopefully, with these resources, finding a Fireteam will be much easier.

Improve your Destiny 2 experience

Improve your Destiny 2 experience

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