How to catch Exotic Fish: Complete List, Ponds & Rewards

by | May 26, 2023

Fishing in gaming is one of those activities that may seem dull to outsiders but somehow ends up being surprisingly captivating and engaging. Destiny 2 is no different. Its brand-new fishing activity is extremely simple and slow, but somehow it takes more of your playtime than you’d like to admit.

Our Focused Fishing guide covers the activity in detail, but today we focus on what everyone is looking for: Exotic Fish.

Exotic Fish in Destiny 2

These are the only two Exotic Fish discovered so far:

ArtFish NameRarityRarity?Source
Kheprian Axehead Exotic Fish Kheprian AxeheadExoticExoticEDZ
Aeonian Alpha-Betta Exotic Fish art Aeonian Alpha-BettaExoticExoticEDZ

More may unlock as we progress through the season, but it is safe to assume the Kheprian Axehead and the Aeonian Alpha-Betta are the only two Exotic Fish we’ll see this season.

How to Catch Exotic Fish in Destiny 2

For the maximum chances of catching Exotic Fish, you need to increase the pond’s Focused Fishing Meter. The higher the meter, the higher your chances of catching rarer fish. This is how you can achieve this:

  1. Join a large group of Guardians fishing on that same spot
  2. Fish on the same pond for as long as possible
  3. Aim for that Perfect catch bonus (by clicking the button as soon as possible)
  4. Have enough bait (70+) to fish for as long as you can

Remember that the Focused Fishing Meter is shared between all Guardians sharing that same pond. Also, Public Events stop fishing altogether and reset the Focused Fishing meter. You’ll want to hit the pond as soon as the Public Event ends to have the longest possible time to fish and increase the Focused Fishing Meter.

Exotic Fish Rewards

These are the rewards you can expect for depositing Exotic Fish at the H.E.L.M.:

  • Exotic items, including Exotic Material and Exotic armor
  • Legendary gear, including Reckoning weapons
  • Deep Dive Keys
  • Sonar Station Reputation
  • Glimmer
Focused Fishing Rewards Destiny 2

Legendary Fish Rewards, Destiny 2

Exotic Fish Ponds

You can find Exotic Fish in all three ponds in Destiny 2. As far as we can tell, there is no difference between the three ponds regarding the Exotic drop rate.

  • The Cistern – Nezzus
  • Outskirts – The EDZ
  • Miasma – Throne World

However, the Weekly featured pond will have a higher chance of having several Guardians fishing there. And remember, the more Guardians fish on the same spot, the higher the chances of finding Exotic fish!

Fishing Tackle screen Destiny 2

Fishing Tackle, Destiny 2

You can visit your Fishing Tackle on your inventory to see what fishing pond is featured at any given time.

Before you go…

Make sure you prepare in order to maximize your fishing in Destiny 2. Joining a large group to boost that Focusing Meter, having enough bait, and aiming for that Perfect catch will all increase your chances at finding rarer fish, including Exotic Fish. We cover Focusing Fishing in detail here.

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