Bunker E15 Lost Sector Destiny 2: Location & Loadouts

by | Jan 15, 2024

Bunker E15 is one of the easiest Lost Sectors to complete in Destiny 2, making it one of the best to farm Exotics.

While our D2 Lost Sectors hub features every Lost Sector in the game, this mini-guide covers everything you need to know to prepare for the Bunker E15 Lost Sector, including recommended loadouts, Threats, and Champions.

Lost SectorLocationThreatTierShieldsChampions
Bunker E15EuropaDestiny 2 Void Void


Destiny 2 Void VoidOverload rounds Overload
Shield Piercing rounds Barrier

Bunker E15 Destiny 2 Lost Sector infographic (S23)

Bunker E15 Lost Sector Location

The Bunker E15 Lost Sector is located in the Eventide Ruins on Europa.

Bunker E15 Lost Sector Location

Destiny 2 Bunker E15 Lost Sector location: Europa

How to unlock Legend & Master Lost Sectors? You’ll need to clear the Lost Sector on standard difficulty and reach the soft cap 1750 Power Level to even see them in the Director.

Bunker E15 Rotation

DateLost SectorsLocationRewardThreatSurgesWeek #
12/2/2023Bunker E15EuropaChestDestiny 2 Void Void🟠 Solar & ⚪️ StasisWeek 1
12/13/2023Bunker E15EuropaArmsDestiny 2 Void Void🟠 Solar & ⚪️ StasisWeek 3
12/24/2023Bunker E15EuropaLegsDestiny 2 Void Void🟠 Solar & 🟢 StrandWeek 4
1/4/2024Bunker E15EuropaHelmDestiny 2 Void Void🟠 Solar & 🟢 StrandWeek 6
1/15/2024Bunker E15EuropaChestDestiny 2 Void Void🟠 Solar & ⚪️ StasisWeek 7
1/26/2024Bunker E15EuropaArmsDestiny 2 Void Void🟠 Solar & ⚪️ StasisWeek 9
2/6/2024Bunker E15EuropaLegsDestiny 2 Void Void🟠 Solar & ⚪️ StasisWeek 11
2/17/2024Bunker E15EuropaHelmDestiny 2 Void Void🟠 Solar & 🟢 StrandWeek 12
2/28/2024Bunker E15EuropaChestDestiny 2 Void Void🟠 Solar & 🟢 StrandWeek 14

Destiny 2 Bunker E15: Enemies & Champions

Similar to Perdition, Bunker E15 features these two types of Champions:

Bunker E15 Champions Overload Captain Destiny 2 Barrier Hobgoblin Champion Destiny 2
Legend x3+ Overload Captains x1 Barrier Hobgoblin
Master x5 Overload Captains x2 Barrier Hobgoblin

Bunker E15 Modifiers: Legend & Master

Legend Modifiers:

  • Void Threat: +50% Void damage received.
  • Shoker: When defeated, Goblins spawn Arc pools that cause damage over time.
  • Equipment Locked: You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.
  • Limited Revives: Limited Fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.
  • Shield Foes: You will face combatants with Solar and Void shields.
  • Champion Foes: You will face Barrier and Overload Champions.

Master Modifiers:

  • All of the above, plus
  • Attrition: Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.

Bunker E15 D2 Recommended loadout

Rank: ✅ A Tier: Good Lost Sector to farm 👍

Bunker E15 has Barrier and Overload Champions; therefore, we recommend this Solar loadout:

  • Kinetic Slot: Arbalest or Forerunner (with the Anti-Barrier Sidearm mod) to deal with Barrier Champions
  • Energy Slot: Adhortative with Overload Pulse Rifle for Overload Champions, but any Solar Auto or Pulse Rifle can work.
  • Heavy Slot: Apex Predator to take advantage of Solar Surge and the Overload Rocket Launcher mod, but any high-damage heavy weapon will work.
  • Build: Solar
ArtWeaponTypeArchetypeRarityAmmo?Element?RequirementsIn loot pool?AmmoElementTierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?Best of?Top Perk?
Destiny 2 Arbalest artArbalestLinear Fusion RifleExoticExoticSpecialKineticLightfallYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialKinetic symbol Destiny 2 Kinetic


PvEExotic QuestError icon V2 NoLightfall Preorder icon
Season 6KineticNoTop-tier
Forerunner artForerunnerSidearmExoticExoticSpecialKineticFree-to-PlayYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialKinetic symbol Destiny 2 Kinetic


PvEExotic QuestError icon V2 NoFree to Play Destiny 2 icon
30th Anniversary eventKineticNoTop-tier
Apex Predator art Destiny 2Apex PredatorRocket LauncherAdaptiveLegendaryHeavySolarForsaken PackYesHeavy ammo Destiny 2 HeavySolar Solar


PvELast Wish RaidCheckmark icon V3 YesForsaken Destiny 2 icon
Forsaken Pack
Season 4HeavyCraftableTop-tierIncandescent,Explosive Light,Reconstruction,Bait and Switch

Subclasses and Exotic

Due to the Solar Surge, we prefer Solar 3.0 builds. Hunters should use a Healing Grenade setup with Ember of Empyrean and Celestial Nighthawk for very high damage.

Warlocks should use Sunbracers with Touch of Flame and Heat Rises to have constant Restoration and excellent ad clear. 

Titans should use our Undying Flame build with Synthoceps for good survivability and high damage.

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Sunbracers Warlock Exotic Destiny 2 art


WarlockArmsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 1Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Increases the duration of Solar Grenades. Solar melee kills grant unlimited Solar Grenade energy for a brief time."
Celestial Nighthawk Hunter Exotic Destiny 2 art

Celestial Nighthawk

HunterHelmFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 1Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Modifies Golden Gun to fire a single high-damage shot. Enemies eliminated by the shot explode and grant you Super energy."
Synthoceps Titan Destiny 2


TitanArmsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 1Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Increased melee lunge range. Improved melee and Super damage when you're surrounded."


Difficulty Legend Master
Recommended Power 1830 1840
Exotic armor (if solo) Rare Common

Needless to say, these aren’t easy, and the least you should do is ensure you have a reasonable Power Level. By reasonable, we mean no less than 10 Power Levels below the recommended levels. If you find yourself struggling, work on increasing your Power Level as much as possible and focus on Legend Lost Sectors.

Bunker E15 Destiny 2 Legend guide

Once you spawn in, stay on the high ground in the tunnel and take out the Vandals before focusing on the Overload Champion. Feel free to use some Special Ammo to kill him quicker, or you can kill him with your primary weapon.

Bunker E15 Lost Sector 1

Push into the next area and destroy the Vex cube trapping the Braytech Security Frames. These robots are indestructible, will draw enemy attention, and deal a little bit of damage, meaning they are very helpful throughout the Lost Sector. Past this is a small room with a couple of Goblins and a Minotaur, but these enemies shouldn’t cause you much hassle; just be careful and don’t get too close (unless you have Synthoceps).

The next room is filled with enemies. Start by killing the Goblins to the right and slowly pushing to the right-hand side slope. Upon clearing enough enemies, additional Vex will spawn. Among these enemies will be a Cyclops, which will deal very high splash damage and can even one-shot you on a direct hit, so make sure to kill it as soon as possible. Either Rocket him or use some Special Ammo to take care of it quickly. 

Bunker E15 Lost Sector 2

Take the high ground and start clearing the remaining minor enemies; leave the Barrier Champion for last so it is easy to kill. Once defeated, free the remaining Braytech Frames and proceed to the final room.

In the boss room, take the high ground up the left or right slope and begin killing the minor enemies. Among these enemies will be a Wyvern. Feel free to use a Rocket here to take care of it quickly. Killing the Wyvern will trigger the boss spawn alongside some additional adds. Once you have dealt 1/3rd of the boss’s HP, an Overload Champion will spawn. Simply dump some Rockets into it to kill it quickly. Another Overload Champion will spawn when you deal another third of the boss’s health, so be ready for that, too. 

Bunker E15 Lost Sector 3

If you can deal very high burst damage with something like Celestial Nighthawk, get the boss to around half health and then Super him to skip the final Overload Champion. If not, simply get the boss down to its last bar of health, kill the final Overload, finish the boss off, and collect your loot at the back of the room.

Lost Sector Rewards

As a reminder, completing Legend or Master Lost Sectors solo is the only way to acquire several specific Exotic armor pieces. While our Lost Sector Exotics guide covers them all, including their rotation for the remainder of the season, these are all Lost Sector Exotics available today:

Lost Sector Exotics today

DateNameArmorClassTypeRequiresExotic Perk
2024-04-19Caliban's HandCaliban's Hand Hunter Destiny 2 art

Caliban's Hand

HunterArmsThe Witch Queen Destiny 2 icon
The Witch Queen
Your Proximity Knife scorches targets it damages with its explosions, or ignites targets on a direct hit. After throwing a Proximity Knife, you gain increased melee regeneration until the knife explodes.
2024-04-19Renewal GraspsRenewal Grasps Hunter Destiny 2 art

Renewal Grasps

HunterArmsThe Witch Queen Destiny 2 icon
The Witch Queen
Your Duskfield grenades have a much larger effect radius. Allies inside the Duskfield take reduced damage and targets inside the area deal reduced damage.
2024-04-19Triton ViceTriton Vice Hunter exotic

Triton Vice

HunterArmsLightfall Preorder icon
Increases Glaive reload speed and melee damage when surrounded. Glaive melee final blows overflow a round to the magazine. Glaive projectile final blows detonate if the Glaive deals damage matching your subclass type.
2024-04-19Mothkeeper's WrapsMothkeeper’s Wraps art

Mothkeeper's Wraps

HunterArmsLightfall Preorder icon
Season 22
Your grenade becomes a cage of loyal moths that release on impact and fly toward the nearest target or ally. If they reach a target, they detonate in a blinding explosion; if they reach an ally, the moths grant your ally a Void overshield.
2024-04-19Athrys's EmbraceAthrys's Embrace Destiny 2 art

Athrys's Embrace

HunterArmsBeyond Light Destiny 2 icon
Beyond Light
Weighted Knife gains a second bounce. Rapid precision hits with your weapons grant Weighted Knife a significant damage bonus, bonus strength, and the ability to stun unshielded combatants for a short time. Empowered Weighted Knife is strong against Unstoppable Champions.
2024-04-19Point-Contact Cannon BracePoint-Contact Cannon Brace Titan Exotic

Point-Contact Cannon Brace

TitanArmsThe Witch Queen Destiny 2 icon
The Witch Queen
Defeating targets with your Thunderclap melee restores melee energy. Targets near you when you use your Thunderclap suffer lightning strikes and become jolted; being amplified increases the damage of these lightning strikes.
2024-04-19Second ChanceSecond Chance Titan Destiny 2 art

Second Chance

TitanArmsThe Witch Queen Destiny 2 icon
The Witch Queen
Gain a second charge of your Shield Throw melee. Your Shield Throw melee now weakens targets and becomes shield-piercing, stunning Barrier Champions. When you stun a Barrier Champion with your Shield Throw melee, you regain a melee charge.
2024-04-19Pyrogale GauntletsPyrogale Gauntlets art

Pyrogale Gauntlets

TitanArmsLightfall Preorder icon
Season 22
Modifies Burning Maul into a single high-damage slam of your hammer that creates five cyclones of flame. Consecration's second slam creates a cyclone of flame.
2024-04-19No Backup PlansNo Backup Plans Destiny 2 art

No Backup Plans

TitanArmsBeyond Light Destiny 2 icon
Beyond Light
While using a Void subclass, rapid Shotgun final blows or defeating a powerful combatant with a Shotgun will grant a Void overshield and start health regeneration. While you have a Void overshield, Shotguns deal additional damage, and Shotgun final blows refresh the overshield. Provides a moderate benefit to Shotgun airborne effectiveness and reload speed.
2024-04-19Icefall MantleIcefall Mantle Titan Destiny 2

Icefall Mantle

TitanArmsBeyond Light Destiny 2 icon
Beyond Light
Stasis final blows have a chance to grant an escalating bonus to Stasis weapon damage. Replaces your Barricade ability with a personal overshield. When you activate your Barricade, you gain the highest-tier Stasis weapon damage bonus and create a burst around yourself that slows combatants. While you have this overshield, you are slowed and Barricade does not recharge.
2024-04-19Osmiomancy GlovesOsmiomancy Gloves Warlock Destiny 2 art

Osmiomancy Gloves

WarlockArmsThe Witch Queen Destiny 2 icon
The Witch Queen
Your Coldsnap grenades have an additional charge that recharges quicker on direct impact. The seeker spawned from Coldsnap grenades travels further.
2024-04-19Necrotic GripNecrotic Grip Destiny 2 art

Necrotic Grip

WarlockArmsBeyond Light Destiny 2 icon
Beyond Light
Damaging combatants envenoms them with poison that deals increasing damage over time. Defeating a poisoned combatant spreads the condition to nearby targets.
2024-04-19Nothing ManaclesNothing Manacles Destiny 2 art

Nothing Manacles

WarlockArmsBeyond Light Destiny 2 icon
Beyond Light
You gain an additional Scatter Grenade charge. Enables tracking for Scatter Grenade projectiles.
2024-04-19Ballidorse WrathweaversBallidorse Wrathweavers Warlock exotic

Ballidorse Wrathweavers

WarlockArmsLightfall Preorder icon
Your Winter's Wrath Shockwave deals increased shatter damage. Allies in range of your Shockwave gain an overshield and increased damage with Stasis weapons.
2024-04-19BriarbindsBriarbinds art


WarlockArmsLightfall Preorder icon
Season 22
Your Void Souls have a longer duration. They also gain escalating damage and durability as they defeat targets. You can retrieve your Void Souls by interacting with them, allowing them to be redeployed.

Bunker E15 Summary

Featuring a Void Threat modifier, the Bunker E15 Lost Sector features Void-shielded enemies and Overload and Barrier Champions. Due to its length to complete and difficulty, this is one of the absolute best Lost Sectors to farm.

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