Bunker E15 Lost Sector Destiny 2: Location & Loadouts

by | Mar 27, 2023

Located on Europa, Bunker E15 is one the easiest Lost Sectors to complete in Destiny 2 right now, making it one of the best Lost Sectors to farm for exotics.

While our Lost Sectors hub features every Lost Sectors in the game, this Bunker E15 guide covers everything you need to know to prepare, including recommended loadouts, shields, and Champions.

Bunker E15 Location and Requirements

The Bunker E15 Lost Sector is located in the Eventide Ruins on Europa.

Bunker E15 Lost Sector Location

Bunker E15 Lost Sector Location

How to unlock Legend & Master Lost Sectors? You’ll need to clear the Lost Sector on standard difficulty and reach the soft cap 1750 Power Level to even see them in the Director.

Bunker E15 rotation

Seasonal rotation

DateLost SectorsLocationThreatWeek #ShieldsChampionsReward

Shields & Champions

This is an overview of what Burn, enemies, and overall difficulty you should expect in this Lost Sector:

Lost SectorsLocationThreatTierShieldsChampions
Bunker E15Europa Void


Void Overload

Similar to Perdition, Bunker E15 features these two types of Champions:

Bunker E15 Champions Overload Captain Destiny 2
Legend x3+ Overload Captains x1 Barrier Hobgoblin
Master x5 Overload Captains x2 Barrier Hobgoblin

Bunker E15 Modifiers: Legend & Master

Legend Modifiers:

  • Void Threat: +50% Void damage received.
  • Shoker: When defeated, Goblins spawn Arc pools that cause damage over time.
  • Equipment Locked: You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.
  • Limited Revives: Limited Fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.
  • Shield Foes: You will face combatants with Solar and Void shields.
  • Champion Foes: You will face Barrier and Overload Champions.

Master Modifiers:

  • All of the above, plus
  • Attrition: Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.

Difficulty: Bunker E15 is one of the easiest Lost sectors to farm this Season.

Recommended loadout

Loadout recommendations are more versatile than ever. There are now more methods to handle Champions. Match game is gone. There are now two active Surges at any given time.

When it comes to loadouts, we offer two alternatives. One loadout for when Void is the weekly Surge, and another one for when Solar is the active Surge. To find out which is the active Surge of the week, you simply need to open the activity screen.

Loadout for Solar Surge weeks

ArtWeaponTypeArchetypeRarityAmmoElementRequirementsIn loot pool?Ammo?Element?TierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?
Riptide artRiptideFusion RifleRapid-FireLegendarySpecialStasisFree-to-PlayYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialStasis Stasis


PvEPlaylist: Crucible
Season 17KineticNo
BxR-55 Battler artBxR-55 BattlerPulse RifleLegacy PR-55LegendaryPrimarySolarFree-to-PlayYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimarySolar Solar


PvE + PvPDares of Eternity
30th Anniversary eventEnergyCraftable
Gjallarhorn artGjallarhornRocket LauncherExoticExoticHeavySolar30th AnniversaryYesHeavy ammo Destiny 2 HeavySolar Solar


PvE + PvPGrasp of Avarice Dungeon
30th Anniversary
30th Anniversary eventHeavyNo
DrangSidearmAdaptiveLegendaryPrimarySolarFree-to-PlayYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimarySolar Solar


-The Gunsmith
Season 12EnergyNo

For Lost Sectors with Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, such as The Quarry, the Solar loadout we recommend is the following:

  • Riptide with Chill Clip (can stun Unstoppable Champions when freezing then)
  • Solar Pulse rifle or Sidearm (i.e. BXR-55 Battler or Drang)
  • Gjallarhorn or Xenophage
  • A Solar 3.0 Build

Loadout for Void Surge weeks

ArtWeaponTypeArchetypeRarityAmmoElementRequirementsIn loot pool?Ammo?Element?TierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?
Regnant artRegnantGrenade LauncherAdaptiveLegendaryHeavyVoidSeason 20YesHeavy ammo Destiny 2 HeavyVoid VoidOngoing...-Seasonal activityLightfall Preorder icon
Season 20
Season 20HeavyCraftable
Fioritura-59 art
Fioritura-59SidearmRapid-FireLegendaryPrimaryVoidFree-to-PlayYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimaryVoid VoidOngoing...-World loot pool
Season 19EnergyNo
Riptide artRiptideFusion RifleRapid-FireLegendarySpecialStasisFree-to-PlayYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialStasis Stasis


PvEPlaylist: Crucible
Season 17KineticNo
Gridskipper artGridskipperPulse RifleRapid-FireLegendaryPrimaryVoidFree-to-PlayYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimaryVoid Void


Season 14EnergyNo

The Void loadout we recommend is the following:

  • Riptide with Chill Clip (can stun Unstoppable Champions when freezing then)
  • Void Pulse rifle or Sidearm (i.e. Gridskipper or Fioritura-59)
  • Regnant with Explosive Light or Deathbringer
  • A Void 3.0 Build


Difficulty Legend Master
Recommended Power 1830 1840
Exotic armor (if solo) Rare Common

Needless to say, these aren’t easy, and the least you should do is ensure you have a reasonable Power Level. By reasonable, we mean no less than 10 Power Levels below the recommended levels. If you find yourself struggling, work on increasing your Power Level as much as possible and focus on Legend Lost Sectors.

Bunker E15 guide

What makes Bunker E15 one of the easiest Lost Sectors in Destiny are all of the AI allies you’ll find within. Once you free them from their prisons, you can walk away, and they’ll finish Bunker E15 for you.

When you first enter the Lost Sector, you’re greeted by Fallen and an Overload Captain. Once you kill them, you won’t have to fight again (if you prefer). The Vex will take care of the rest of the Lost Sector. The middle of the Lost Sector is the longest section and where most of the enemies are. Take it at your own pace, and you’ll be fine.

Bunker E15 Lost Sector

Bunker E15, Destiny 2

In the final boss room, you’ll spawn an Overload Champion every 30% of the boss’s health bar. That means if you kill the boss and open the rewards chest fast enough, you’ll still get a Platinum ranking. You just need to kill every Champion alive before opening the chest. This Lost Sector is the best for beginners new to the activity or players just starting Destiny 2.

Lost Sector Rewards

As a reminder, completing Legend or Master Lost Sectors solo is the only way to acquire several specific Exotic armor pieces. While our Lost Sector Exotics guide covers them all, including their rotation for the remainder of the season, these are all Lost Sector Exotics available today:

Lost Sector Exotics today

DateNameArmorClassTypeRequiresExotic Perk
2023-03-27Icefall MantleIcefall Mantle Titan Destiny 2

Icefall Mantle

Beyond Light
Exotic Perk: "Replaces your Barricade ability with a personal overshield. When you activate your Barricade, you create a burst around yourself that slows combatants. While you have the overshield, you are slowed and Barricade does not recharge."
2023-03-27Athrys's EmbraceAthrys's Embrace Destiny 2 art

Athrys's Embrace

Beyond Light
Exotic Perk: "Weighted Knife gains a second bounce. Rapid precision hits with your weapons grant Weighted Knife a significant damage bonus and the ability to stun unshielded combatants for a short time."
2023-03-27Necrotic GripNecrotic Grip Destiny 2 art

Necrotic Grip

Beyond Light
Exotic Perk: "Damaging combatants envenoms them with poison that deals increasing damage over time. Defeating a poisoned combatant spreads the condition to nearby targets."
2023-03-27Nothing ManaclesNothing Manacles Destiny 2 art

Nothing Manacles

Beyond Light
Exotic Perk: "You gain an additional Scatter Grenade charge. Enables tracking for Scatter Grenade projectiles."
2023-03-27No Backup PlansNo Backup Plans Destiny 2 art

No Backup Plans

Beyond Light
Exotic Perk: "When you have full melee energy, Shotgun final blows activate your Defensive Strike and consume your melee energy. Shotgun final blows also give you melee energy."
2023-03-27Renewal GraspsRenewal Grasps Hunter Destiny 2 art

Renewal Grasps

The Witch Queen
Exotic Perk: "Your Duskfield grenades have a much larger effect radius. Allies inside the Duskfield take reduced damage and targets inside the area deal reduced damage."
2023-03-27Osmiomancy GlovesOsmiomancy Gloves Warlock Destiny 2 art

Osmiomancy Gloves

The Witch Queen
Exotic Perk: "Your Coldsnap grenades have an additional charge that recharges quicker on direct impact. The seeker spawned from Coldsnap grenades travels further."
2023-03-27Second ChanceSecond Chance Titan Destiny 2 art

Second Chance

The Witch Queen
Exotic Perk: "Gain a second charge of your Shield Throw melee, which becomes shield-piercing and stuns Barrier Champions."
2023-03-27Caliban's HandCaliban's Hand Hunter Destiny 2 art

Caliban's Hand

The Witch Queen
Exotic Perk: "Your Proximity Knife scorches targets it damages with its explosions, or ignites targets on a direct hit. After throwing a Proximity Knife, you gain increased melee regeneration until the knife explodes."
2023-03-27Point-Contact Cannon BracePoint-Contact Cannon Brace Titan Exotic

Point-Contact Cannon Brace

The Witch Queen
Exotic Perk: "Defeating targets with your Thunderclap melee restores melee energy. Targets near you when you use your Thunderclap suffer lightning strikes; being amplified increases the range of these lightning strikes."
2023-03-27Ballidorse WrathweaversBallidorse Wrathweavers Warlock exotic

Ballidorse Wrathweavers

WarlockArmsLightfall Preorder icon
Exotic Perk: "Your Winter's Wrath Shockwave deals increased shatter damage. Allies in range of your Shockwave gain an overshield and increased damage with Stasis weapons."

Bunker E15 Summary

Featuring a Void Threat modifier, the Bunker E15 Lost Sector features Void-shielded enemies and Overload and Barrier Champions. Due to its length to complete and difficulty, this is one of the absolute best Lost Sectors to farm.

If this guide had too much information, those are the main highlights you need to remember. Hopefully, you now have everything you need to know how to best clear this Lost Sector to farm exactly the type of Exotic armor you need.

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