Best Halo Infinite Weapons for Multiplayer: Tier List

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Halo

[toc] We don’t usually cover shooters that aren’t Destiny 2, but for Halo Infinite, we had to make an exception.

Halo Infinite is the latest entry in the Halo series, and unlike previous iterations that failed to recapture the magic, Infinite is proving to be the best Halo game we have seen in years.

And now that the Multiplayer mode of the game is available for free, we decided to take a break from Destiny 2 and dive straight in.

In this post, we focus on the weapons at your disposal: What they do, where to find them, and which are best.

Halo Infinite weapons: Tier list

Halo Infinite is nothing like Destiny 2 when it comes to weapons in PVP. When playing in Multiplayer, everyone starts with the same weapons and it’ll up to you to scour the map to find better guns. With 20 weapons in total, most of which you won’t see often, these weapons are not always easy to understand.

This post covers them all and gives you a sense of which ones are currently considered the best (often, the ones with the best time-to-kill, or TTK):

NameTypeRarityRankName | TypeTierVerdict
S7 SniperSniper rifleHeavyS › BestS7 Sniper Halo Infinite featured
S7 Sniper
| Sniper rifle


Description: "The S7 Sniper is a long-range precision rifle with two zoom distances. Headshots kill most targets instantly."

► The S7 Sniper is exactly what you would expect from a Halo sniper: It fires slow but each bullet deals a lot of damage.

Pro tip: Unlike snipping in Destiny 2, the S7 Sniper can also be an excellent weapon up close when firing from the hip. Similarly, strafing and jumping do not hurt its usability.

The S7 Sniper can reliably secure one-hit-kills, provided you land your shots.
SkewerRocket LauncherHeavyS › BestSkewer Halo Infinite featured
| Sniper Rifle


Description: "Kinetic weapon that shoots a single, high damage spike."

► The Skewer is a difficult weapon to describe. It looks like a rocket launcher and it can also one-shot enemies.

But in reality, it shoots giant spears that do not create explosions nor splash damage. Still, the Skewer is an extremely powerful and satisfying weapon to use.
Gravity HammerMeleeHeavyS › BestGravity Hammer Halo Infinite featured
Gravity Hammer
| Melee


Description: This fan-favorite is the only other melee weapon in the game.

► Similar to the sword, the Gravity Hammer also has limited ammo and requires you to get close and personal to secure kills.

But this weapon can also deal massive splash damage and send your opponents flying across the map like ragdolls. The Gravity Hammer is one of the few one-hit-kill weapons in the game.
Shock rifleSniper RifleHeavyS › BestShock Rifle Halo Infinite featured
Shock rifle
| Sniper Rifle


Description: "Semi-automatic rifle intended to support from a long distance.

► Don't let this weapon's name fool you. The Shock rifle is technically a sniper. Just as the S7 Sniper, it can dispose of enemies with one shot.

Unlike the S7, though, it requires 3 body shots to kill an enemy. On the flip side, it can do chain lighting damage to enemies that are standing to close to one another!
BR75 Battle riflePulse RifleCommonA › StrongBR75 Battle rifle Halo Infinite featured
BR75 Battle rifle
| Pulse Rifle


Description: "Three-round burst rifle, best utilized in mid-range engagements."

► The Battle rifle has always been a go-to weapon for Multiplayer and Halo Infinite is no different.

Akin to a pulse rifle in Destiny 2, the BR75 is a burst rifle that shoots three bullets at a time. But unlike traditional pulse rifles in Destiny 2, the Battle rifle is efficient and lethal in both close and medium range. It requires 4 precision bursts to down an opponent at full health.
M41 SPNKRRocket LauncherHeavyA › StrongM41 SPNKR Halo Infinite featured
| Rocket Launcher


Description: "Better known as the SPNKr, the M41 SSR MAV§AW is a twin-tube launcher that fires explosive rockets."

► A traditional rocket launcher, the M41 SPNKR is exactly what you'd expect from a rocket launcher in Halo or Destiny 2.

It has one big rocket in the chamber that does a ton of damage, enough to easily kill any enemy. If you're having trouble landing your shots, you can aim for the floor or walls nearby your enemy as its splash damage is huge. The SPNKR can reliably secure one-hit-kills.
VK78 CommandoAssault RifleCommonA › StrongVK78 Commando Halo Infinite featured
VK78 Commando
| Assault Rifle


Description: "Precision automatic rifle with heavy recoil. Effective at medium to long range."

The Commando acts like a souped-up Auto Rifle. It can fire fast, features full-auto mode, and each bullet hits hard.

On the other hand, its recoil is extremely high, and shooting too fast will turn this weapon into an absolute nightmare to control.

► The Commande requires 13 body shots to secure a kill or 7 body shots and 1 headshot for a faster time-to-kill.
Sentinel BeamTrace RifleCommonA › StrongSentinel Beam Halo Infinite featured
Sentinel Beam
| Trace Rifle


Description: "Continuous fire, directed hardlight energy weapon useful for stripping shields."

► Basically a trace rifle, the Sentinel Beam shoots a massive laser beam that can deal significant damage to enemies at all ranges.

However, do keep in mind that its recoil is noticeable, especially when aiming the weapon down sights. My advice is to simply hip-fire (as most weapons in Halo Infinite) for better control and mobility.
Stalker rifleScout RifleCommonA › StrongStalker Rifle Halo Infinite featured
Stalker rifle
| Scout Rifle


Description: "Mid to long range plasma weapon with a high rate of fire and slower projectiles."

► A hybrid between a rifle and a sniper, the Stalker features excellent range and good damage per bullet.

This is a weapon that requires accuracy, though, and it isn't ideal for close-quarters engagements. The Stalker rifle requires 2 body shots and 1 headshot to down an enemy. Alternatively, it requires 5 body shots in total.
Energy SwordMeleeHeavyA › StrongEnergy Sword Halo Infinite featured
Energy Sword
| Melee


Description: The Energy Sword is a staple in the Halo franchise and shouldn't need an introduction.

► The melee weapon of choice, the Energy Sword deals massive damage to enemies and will kill enemies with one swipe. Do note that similar to swords in Destiny 2, the Energy Sword has limited ammo that will run out fast.

If your crosshair turns red when holding the sword, you will lounge across several meters to instantly kill your opponent.
MA40 Assault rifleAssault RifleStarterB › AverageMA40 AR Battle Rifle Halo Infinite featured
MA40 Assault rifle
| Assault Rifle


Description: "Reliable, fully automatic assault rifle effective at short to medium range."

► The MA40 Assault rifle is a weapon you'll inevitably spend a lot of time with.

You'll always spawn with the Assault rifle and while your priority will always be to find something better, the MA40 remains decent enough to hold your own.

That said, you'll want to avoid long-range engagements as the bullet spread can quickly become a problem. The MA40 requires 25 bullets to kill an enemy.
HydraRocket LauncherHeavyB › AverageHydra Halo Infinite featured
| Rocket Launcher


Description: "A rapid-fire guided munitions launcher that firest gyroscopically-stabilized rockets, which homes in on targets after lock-on."

► Hydra is a peculiar rocket launcher that foregoes big single rockets and shoots instead several weaker rockets.

The weapon is still a lot of fun to use. It shoots fast and it can lock onto players and track them. Do note that the tracking is far from perfect, especially in close range. Hydra requires 3 rockets to kill an enemy.
NeedlerAssault RifleCommonB › AverageNeedler Halo Infinite featured
| Assault Rifle


Description: "Exotic, guided-munitions weapon firing crystalline shards that track, impale, and detonate on soft targets."

► The Needler can shoot high-damage needles that can track enemies and explode when enough needles hit the target. On paper, that sounds great, but in practice, you'll need to be extremely close to your enemy to actually connect your shots.

The Needler is definitely not one of the top weapons in the game, but if you manage to surprise an opposing Spartan up close, you'll tear him to shreds in no time. You'll need 12 needles to secure a kill.
Plasma PistolSidearmCommonB › AveragePlasma Pistol Halo Infinite featured
Plasma Pistol
| Sidearm


Description: "Semi-automatic plasma energy weapon capable of scaled-burst effect that strips shielded targets."

► The Plasma Pistol is an old classic and behaves exactly the same way it always has.

When used as a simple sidearm, this pistol does laughable damage. Really. The strength of the Plasma Pistol comes when your hold the trigger to charge it and then release a big projectile that can instantly deplete an enemy's shield. Then you can swap to your secondary weapon to get the job done.
CindershotGrenade LauncherCommonB › AverageCindershot Halo Infinite featured
| Grenade Launcher


Description: "Hardlight grenade launcher with a deadly, implosive blast. Can control projectile mid-flight while zoomed in."

► The Cindershot is a grenade launcher that shoots pink projectiles that will bounce of a surface once before exploding.

That part is important, as grenades always need to bounce once before they actually explode. This means you'll need to always take into account that bounce when facing an enemy. It generally takes 2 shots to down an enemy. Do note that explosions create implosions that move enemies toward the explosion.
CQS48 BulldogShotgunCommonB › AverageCQS48 Bulldog Halo Infinite featured
CQS48 Bulldog
| Shotgun


Description: "A highly responsive and fast-firing tactical shotgun. Devastating at close range."

► A traditional pellet shotgun, the CQS48 Bulldog is ideal for close-quarters engagements.

Do note that unlike past Halo shotguns, or even Destiny 2 shotguns, the Bulldog cannot one-shot an enemy no matter how close you can get. It requires 2 shots to down an enemy, but do note that one shot plus a melee will get the job done too.
MK50 SidekickSidearmStarterB › AverageMK50 Sidekick Halo Infinite featured
MK50 Sidekick
| Sidearm


Description: "Semi-automatic firearm effective at close to medium range."

► The MK50 Sidekick is the sidearm you'll always spawn with. A good alternative to the Auto Rifle, the Sidekick can be quite capable at both close and long-range.

It is nowhere near as powerful as sidearms from previous Halo games, but it's still competent, especially for a starter weapon. Requires 7 bullets to kill, including one headshot.
Pulse CarbinePulse RifleCommonB › AveragePulse Carbine Halo Infinite featured
Pulse Carbine
| Pulse Rifle


Description: "Burst-firing plasma weapon effective at close to medium range. Projectiles track targets."

► The alien version of the Battle Rifle, the Pulse Carbine also fires in bursts.

Unlike the Battle Rifle, though, the Pulse Carbine shoots energy projects that track players. This means they don't immediately hit their targets as bullets do and you'll have to plan ahead and anticipate your enemy's movements. The Pulse Carbine hits like a truck only requires two bursts to kill an enemy.
ManglerShotgunCommonB › AverageMangler Halo Infinite featured
| Shotgun


Description: "Powerful semi-automatic Brute revolver that fires spikes at medium range."

► The best way to describe the Mangler would be to call it a slug shotgun.

The Mangler can technically deal a lot of damage at range, but hitting your shots will quickly become a challenge. The Mangler is not an easy weapon to master, and while it can be extremely lethal in theory, it requires a lot of precision. The Mangler can down an opponent with 3 shots (provided one of them is a headshot).
HeatwaveFusion RifleCommonB › AverageHeatwave Halo Infinite featured
| Fusion Rifle


Description: "Semi-automatic hardlight weapon that fires six projectiles in a set pattern. Alt-fire allows wielder to change firing geometry."

► Definitely not one of my favorite weapons, Heatwave shoots 6 projectiles that bounce off surfaces.

Similar to Fusion rifles in Destiny 2, the Heatwave doesn't have a charge time but is definitely not as strong. Its projectiles don't do nearly as much damage and I find it generally awkward to use. You need to land 12 projectiles (2 shots) to kill an enemy.
RavagerGrenade LauncherHeavyB › AverageRavager Halo Infinite featured
| Grenade Launcher


Description: "Burst-fires globs of punishing plasma. Charge to unleash a blast that leaves a damaging area of effect."

► The Ravager is a burst plasma grenade launcher. And while it can fire fast and generate splash damage, it remains on the weaker side.

The fast rate of fire is meant to balance that lack of potency, but to me, it's not enough. The alternate firing mode is much more interesting, though: Hold the trigger and release a big explosion that creates a pool of fire that deals damage over time.
DisruptorSidearmCommonC › WeakDisruptor Halo Infinite featured
| Sidearm


Description: "Short to mid range weapon that deals damage over time."

► This electrical sidearm is a strange animal. It shots small projectiles that attach to enemies and deal damage over time. But do note that said damage is extremely small.

You'll need to hit your enemy 3 times or more to inflict significant electric damage to your enemy's shield. Disruptor requires 6 shots to kill an enemy.

These are the different Tier levels used for this ranking:

  • S Tier – Best: Highest ranking weapon types.
  • A Tier – Strong: Very strong weapon types, but not on the same level as S Tier Choices.
  • B Tier – Average: Decent choices that can be lethal in the hands of a skilled player.
  • C Tier – Weak: The middle of the pack, somewhat mediocre.
  • D Tier – Worst: Lagging behind the competition, these don’t have much to offer.

The list starts with the S Tier and moves down from there. It also covers both PVE and PVP, with the “Excels in” column clearly identifying where each weapon shines:s

The Last Word

This guide is only the beginning of our Halo Infinite adventures. We have no plans to start covering every new shooter that gets released but Halo being the first genre-defining creation from Bungie, we have to make an exception.

Plus, at their core, Destiny and Halo share so many similarities, Infinite is the perfect game to play when needing a break from Destiny 2.

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