Halo Infinite TTK Chart: Time-to-kill values per weapon

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Short for Time-to-kill, TTK dictates how fast a weapon can kill an enemy. Combining burst damage and time between bullets, TTK is the best indicator of a weapon’s lethality in PVP Multiplayer.

And this is applicable to Halo Infinite, Destiny 2, or any other FPS for that matter. But unlike Destiny 2, whose TTKs are calculated per archetype, Halo Infinite has a unique TTK per weapon.

In this post, we will keep things simple and focus on the optimal TTK values of all weapons in the game. We’ll also include BTK (bullets to kill) for both optimal and body shots.

Alert iconAbout TTK: Measured in seconds, TTK, or time-to-kill, is critical in PVP, because the lowest the TTK, the faster you can kill your opponent.

Halo Infinite TTK Spreadsheet

Expect TTK values to change over time. Every new season and/or major update will most likely include buffs, nerfs, and changes to the sandbox. The data below is up to date with the current season:

Checkmark icon V3List updated as of Season 1: Heroes of Reach. 

NameTypeFiring mode-WeaponOptimal TTKOptimal KillBody Shot killRPMMagazine
BR75 Battle riflePulse RifleBurstBR75 Battle rifle Halo Infinite featured
BR75 Battle rifle
| Pulse Rifle
1.551 crit 10 shield2 body 10 shield28836/164
CindershotGrenade LauncherSingleCindershot Halo Infinite featured
| Grenade Launcher
0.851 body 1 shield1 body 1 shield486/18
CQS48 BulldogShotgunFull AutoCQS48 Bulldog Halo Infinite featured
CQS48 Bulldog
| Shotgun
0.531 body 1 shield1 body 1 shield567/14
DisruptorSidearmFull AutoDisruptor Halo Infinite featured
| Sidearm
26 shield6 shield14010/60
HeatwaveFusion RifleSingleHeatwave Halo Infinite featured
| Fusion Rifle
0.821 body 1 shield1 body 1 shield488/16
HydraRocket LauncherSingle / HomingHydra Halo Infinite featured
| Rocket Launcher
1.421 body 3 shield1 body 3 shield366/18
M41 SPNKRRocket LauncherSingleM41 SPNKR Halo Infinite featured
| Rocket Launcher
MA40 Assault rifleAssault RifleFull AutoMA40 AR Battle Rifle Halo Infinite featured
MA40 Assault rifle
| Assault Rifle
1.253 crit 12 shield8 crit 12 shield43236/216
ManglerShotgunBurstMangler Halo Infinite featured
| Shotgun
1.451 body 2 shield1 body 2 shield64100%
MK50 SidekickSidearmSingleMK50 Sidekick Halo Infinite featured
MK50 Sidekick
| Sidearm
1.11 crit 6 shield3 body 6 shield24012/72
NeedlerAssault RifleFull AutoNeedler Halo Infinite featured
| Assault Rifle
112 shield12 shield41626/78
Plasma PistolSidearmSingle/ChargedPlasma Pistol Halo Infinite featured
Plasma Pistol
| Sidearm
1.853 crit 7 shield10 body 7 shield120100%
Pulse CarbinePulse RifleBurstPulse Carbine Halo Infinite featured
Pulse Carbine
| Pulse Rifle
1.11 crit 6 shield3 body 6 shield350100%
RavagerGrenade LauncherBurst/ChargedRavager Halo Infinite featured
| Grenade Launcher
0.333 body 3 shield3 body 3 shield144100%
S7 SniperSniper rifleSingleS7 Sniper Halo Infinite featured
S7 Sniper
| Sniper rifle
-1 critOHK404/16
Sentinel BeamTrace RifleFull AutoSentinel Beam Halo Infinite featured
Sentinel Beam
| Trace Rifle
0.915 crit 42 shield20 body 42 shield2000250/650
Shock rifleSniper RifleSingleShock Rifle Halo Infinite featured
Shock rifle
| Sniper Rifle
0.251 crit1 body 2 shield8612/48
SkewerRocket LauncherSingleSkewer Halo Infinite featured
| Sniper Rifle
Stalker rifleScout RifleSingleStalker Rifle Halo Infinite featured
Stalker rifle
| Scout Rifle
0.951 crit 2 shield1 body 3 shield180100%
VK78 CommandoAssault RifleFull AutoVK78 Commando Halo Infinite featured
VK78 Commando
| Assault Rifle
1.141 crit 7 shield4 body 7 shield24020/100

Always keep these in mind when reading these TTK values:

  1. Times-to-Kill cannot be calculated on weapons that kill with one shot. In those cases, the TTK is instantaneous, hence the term “one-hit kill” or OHK.
  2. Unlike Destiny 2, precision and body shots do exactly the same damage to shields. No need to focus on headshots at the beginning of engagements (unless you’re using a sniper, of course).


While TTK charts are commonplace for most popular shooters, It was nearly impossible to find straightforward Halo Infinite TTK data out there. This table is a combination of my own tests and data from this video, videos from Aozolai, and this Steam post.

If you see something here that doesn’t look right, let me know and I’ll update this table accordingly.

TTK Formulas

If you ever wanted to calculate TTK values yourself, these are the formulas you can use.

  • Constant Rate of Fire weapons: (Shots to kill – 1) * (60sec /Game Rate of Fire)
  • Burst Rate of Fire weapons: [Frames to kill – Frames per Bullet – Frames between Burst – Frames between Bullets – (Uneven Burst Frames to Kill * Uneven Burst Frame Correction)]

Again, there’s no reason why you’d want to put yourself through using these formulas, but these work for Halo Infinite and for any other modern FPS for that matter.

TTK and ease of use

It would be a mistake to look solely at TTK values. Equally important is a weapon’s ease of use.

The game’s sandbox is determined by both TTK (lethality) and ease of use (forgiveness). A good combination of both is what will determine the best weapons in Infinite.

Two examples come to mind:

  1. A weapon with a fast TTK and easy to use will instantly become meta and will be used by many: This was the case of the VK78 Commando, which was nerfed right at the start of the Beta due to its high TTK.
  2. A weapon with a moderate TTK but high ease of use and lethality (i.e, offering little forgiveness) will slowly climb to the top of the Meta: The BR75 Battle Rifle comes to mind.

But what exactly does “ease of use mean”? As Mercules, our Destiny 2 TTK expert, puts it:

Ease of use is a combination of a weapon’s optimal crit percentage and its numerical stats such as stability, range, aim assist, zoom, etc.

In conclusion, you want to take into account TTK values, crit percentages, and overall stats, and choose a weapon according to your playstyle.

The Last Word

Skilled FPS players will quickly understand the current state of the Multiplayer meta, and by extension, TTK values. However, if all of this is new to you, this is how you can use these values to your advantage.

You should always use the weapons you like the most and/or have the most fun with.

That said, the lower the TTK of a weapon archetype, the more lethal it can be. If you’re looking for a competitive advantage, these figures should point you to the most effective weapons out there.

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