Destiny 2 Well of Tenacity mod: How to get it and Why

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The Well of Tenacity mod in Destiny 2 is the successor to the popular Protective Light mod. Protective Light was eventually deemed to be too powerful and was nerfed by Bungie.

How does Well of Tenacity compare to Protective Light, where can you obtain it for yourself, and how do you get the most bang for your buck while using this mod?

ArtMod NameSlotAffinityCostEffectsTypeElementReleased
Well of Tenacity mod Destiny 2 artWell of TenacityUniversalVoid Void2Picking up a Void elemental well reduces the damage you take from combatants for a short period of time.Elemental WellVoid

How to get Well of Tenacity in 2022?

Like the vast majority of Combat mods in Destiny 2, Well of Tenacity can be purchased from Ada-1, located in the Tower. Be aware that since the release of The Witch Queen, she now offers 4 combat mods for sale per day.

Every day, the mods on offer change, which means you’ll have to pay her a visit every day until she sells Well of Tenacity again. Alternatively, you can follow the Destiny Insights Twitter bot. It will tell you, every day, what Ada-1 (and other important vendors), have for sale.

Destiny Insights bot Destiny 2

The cost for Well of Tenacity is 10,000 Glimmer.

What does Well of Tenacity do?

Well of Tenacity is straightforward, with most of the information provided by the description:

Picking up a Void elemental well reduces the damage you take from combatants for a short time.

Well of Tenacity is a perfect mod to help you beat those end-game encounters, from Nightfalls to Master Raids, surviving those extra few seconds can be the difference in life and death.

Damage Resistance

Well of Tenacity used to provide 10% damage reduction whereas Protective Light used to offer 50% Damage Reduction.

But with the release of The Witch Queen, their damage reduction was swapped: Well of Tenacity now grants a 50% damage reduction.

As explained by Bungie:

By swapping the damage reduction values of Protective Light and Well of Tenacity, Protective Light should no longer feel like a mandatory part of every loadout, and players will need to choose between a smaller, but longer-lasting, amount of damage reduction on-demand when wounded (Protective Light) vs. a shorter-duration but stronger amount of damage reduction when picking up Void wells (Well of Tenacity).

Buff Duration

Well of Tenacity will last for 6 seconds unless another Void elemental well is picked up, in which case it will refresh indefinitely.

Does Well of Tenacity stack?

While Well of Tenacity does not stack, it will refresh continuously when picking up more Void elemental wells, which can be created using mods on your armor pieces such as “Reaping Wellmaker”.

How do you use the Well of Tenacity mod?

Well of Tenacity is simple to use in comparison to Protective Light. You should include a mod in your setup that will allow you to create Void elemental wells. As previously mentioned, Reaping Wellmaker is an easy choice, creating Void elemental wells upon final blows with a weapon after using your class ability.

Void elemental wells are created for your entire team, so you are not only benefiting yourself but your fire team also. Picking one up will provide you with the Well of Tenacity buff. It’s as simple as that!

If you want to turn things up a notch, you can choose to run the “Elemental Time Dilation” mod, which allows time-limited benefits to now stack for each copy of the mod you equip:

Total Mods Duration
Base 6s
1 9s
2 12s
3 15s
4 18s

For example: With one Elemental Time Dilation mod equipped, the Well of Tenacity benefits will increase from 6 seconds to 9 seconds. I would not recommend any more than 2 Elemental Time Dilation mods. The extra 3-6 seconds is more than enough time to find yourself another Void Elemental Well, allowing you to keep your buff up almost 100% of the time.

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  1. onmega

    ” I would not recommend any more than 2 Elemental Time Dilation mods.” This explaination is wrong! You only use ONE -Elemental Time Dilation- mod but more copys of -Well of Tenacity- to keep buff time up!

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