Destiny 2 Osmiomancy Gloves Exotic: How to get it & Best Builds

by | Nov 23, 2022

Even though Coldsnap Grenades aren’t as good as they used to be, having two stasis turrets at a time makes this exotic an exceptional choice in harder PvE content and one of our favorite Warlock Exotics right now.

Today, we cover the Osmiomancy Gloves in-depth: How it works, where to get it, and the best builds and fashion around it.

Osmiomancy Gloves: How to master it

The gameplay loop to get Osmiomancy Gloves going is straightforward.

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Osmiomancy Gloves Warlock Destiny 2 art

Osmiomancy Gloves

WarlockArmsThe Witch QueenLost SectorsSeason 16The Witch Queen Destiny 2 icon
The Witch Queen
Exotic Perk: "Your Coldsnap grenades have an additional charge that recharges quicker on direct impact. The seeker spawned from Coldsnap grenades travels further."

Just throw turrets onto the field whenever you get them. Whisper of Torment and max Discipline will hopefully carry you to your next grenade charge without a problem. However, this is where having a weapon with Demolitionist or Headstone will greatly enhance these Exotics.

How it works: The numbers

From’s community research:

  • Grants an extra Coldsnap Grenade Charge.
  • Coldsnap Grenades have better tracking and grant Grenade Ability upon both hitting and freezing an enemy.
  • Coldsnap Seekers travel 35% further.

Best Osmiomancy Gloves Builds

There are a couple of synergies and builds that can take this exotic to the next level. Our favorite Osmiomancy Gloves Warlock build is the following:


Osmiomancy Gloves Warlock Destiny

Stasis Engineer

Excels In: Grandmaster Nightfalls

Goal of the Build: Slow and freeze large groups of enemies using countless Bleak Watcher turrets.

Mandatory Gear: The Osmiomancy Gloves are the exotic we’ll use for this build.

No weapons are required, but some can exponentially increase the effectiveness of this build. You can run a primary gun with Demolitionist or one with Headstone. Wellspring as the second perk can help even more.

  • Aspects: Iceflare Bolts and Bleak Watcher, allowing you to slow and freeze the maximum number of enemies possible.
  • Fragments: Whisper of Refraction, Durance, Torment, and Chains. If you choose to run a Headstone weapon, you’ll want Whisper of Refraction, Durance, Chains, and Shards.
  • Abilities: Coldsnap Grenade is essential here as it will give you two grenade charges via Osmiomancy Gloves.
  • Stats: Discipline is far and away the most crucial stat here to allow for the maximum amount of turrets possible.
  • Mods: With the way this build is set up, it’s tough to integrate any Combat Style mods successfully. You’ll mostly just want to put all your eggs in one basket with stat mods.

Gameplay Loop

The primary loop of this build is just to throw turrets onto the field whenever you get them. Whisper of Torment and max Discipline will hopefully carry you to your next grenade charge without a problem. However, this is also where the two types of weapons mentioned previously come into play.

Adding a Demolitionist/Wellspring weapon here is self-explanatory: getting kills with it will regenerate your grenade quicker.

In comparison, the setup with a Headstone weapon is slightly more complicated but benefits you a little more. Once you trigger Headstone and generate a stasis crystal, simply destroy it to get increased grenade regeneration for five seconds (via Whisper of Shards).

This build has been a monster in Grandmaster Nightfalls since Bleak Watcher was released, but Osmiomancy Gloves and Headstone weapons have boosted it to another level. Freezing so many enemies not only makes them easier to kill but also inhibits them from hurting you and your fireteam in any way, making this a simple yet well-rounded build that can fit any team composition.

PS: If you’re looking for other worthy Warlock Exotics, check out the Starfire Protocol or Contraverse Hold!

How to get Osmiomancy Gloves

Osmiomancy Gloves can be obtained either from Exotic engrams or by completing Legend or Master Lost Sectors solo on days that Arms armor is dropping. Note that the Season pass offers several Exotic engrams. Xur also sells a single Exotic engram per weekend.

Destiny 2 Exotic Engram

There isn’t much more to say about Exotic engrams, only that they have a higher chance to drop from end-game activities. If collecting exotics is your priority, Nightfall: The Ordeals are for you. And the higher the difficulty, the higher the chance of getting one.

Alternatively, you can farm Legend and Master Lost Sectors solo on Arms days (Lost Sector rewards are on a daily rotation, one day will reward Legs pieces, the next day only Arms pieces, etc). You can find the Lost Sectors daily rotation here.

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