Destiny 2 Void Fragments Guide and Best Builds

by | Mar 16, 2022

[toc] The Witch Queen expansion is full of exciting new figures, including weapon crafting, a Legendary campaign mode, and Origin traits. Another major new feature is Void 3.0.

Void 3.0 is a revamped version of the Void subclass for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks. It follows the structure of the Stasis subclass, offers significantly more customization, and deeply changes the way we play the game. And bothVoid Fragments and Aspects are key to Void 3.0.

This guide will cover both, but will mostly focus on Void fragments, further explain what they do, and provide some excellent builds to get you started.

Checkmark icon V3 List updated as of The Witch Queen’s release (S16).  Link

Destiny 2 Void Fragments: The complete list

This table includes every Void Fragment currently available in Destiny 2 (including the Raid Fragments):

ArtFragmentDescriptionFinal Verdict
Echo of Dilation fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of DilationWhile crouched, you sneak faster and gain enhanced radar resolution. +10 Mobility and Intellect.Pairs well with: Anything.

While the enhanced radar of this fragment is a nice addition, staying crouched usually isn't a great idea in any activity. That being said, if you want to use this fragment, it can work with almost any build if you set it up correctly.
Echo of Domineering fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of DomineeringAfter suppressing a target, gain greatly increased Mobility for a short duration and your equipped weapon is reloaded from reserves. +10 Discipline.Pairs well with: Suppressor Grenade.

► Once you get it to trigger, this fragment is fairly strong, giving you a wide range of buffs.
Echo of Exchange fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of ExchangeMelee final blows grant grenade energy.Pairs well with: Echo of Provision, Echo of Leeching.

► This fragment has great synergy with Echo of Provision and also works well with anything that buffs melee or keeps you alive.
Echo of Expulsion fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of ExpulsionVoid ability final blows cause targets to explode. +10 Intellect.Pairs well with: Anything.

► Because this fragment is so general, it will be fairly strong with anything you pair it with.
Echo of Harvest fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of HarvestDefeating weakened targets with precision final blows will create an Orb of Power. -10 Intellect.Pairs well with: Echo of Undermining.

► This fragment is a little too specific to be used in PVP but can be used to create a nice super regeneration build in PVE.
Echo of Instability fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of InstabilityDefeating targets with grenades grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons. +10 Strength.Pairs well with: Echo of Remnants, Echo of Provision, Echo of Undermining.
► Volatile Rounds are extremely strong already, and because this fragment requires grenade kills, pairing it with fragments that buff your grenade is the best option.
Echo of Leeching fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of LeechingMelee final blows start health regeneration for you and nearby allies. +10 Resilience.Pairs well with: Echo of Exchange.

► While being slightly challenging to trigger in PVP, this fragment can be strong in PVE with a good melee build.
Echo of Obscurity fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of ObscurityFinisher final blows grant Invisibility. +10 Recovery.Pairs well with: Echo of Persistence.

► Because you can't use finishers in PVP, this is only useful in PVE. That being said, this fragment makes using Special Finisher or the Aeon Cult exotics safer to use, while also giving you a nice recovery bump.
Echo of Persistence fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of PersistenceVoid buffs applied to you (Invisibility, Overshield, and Devour) have increased duration.Pairs well with: Echo of Obscurity, Echo of Starvation.

► This fragment grants an extremely useful passive buff, allowing your powerful void buffs to last significantly longer.
Echo of Provision fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of ProvisionDamaging targets with grenades grants melee energy. -10 Strength.Pairs well with: Echo of Exchange.

► While also being very good with other grenade-based fragments, Echo of Provision also has amazing synergy with Echo of Exchange.
Echo of Remnants fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of RemnantsYour lingering grenade effects (Vortex Grenade, Void Wall, Void Spike, and Axion Bolt) have increased duration.Pairs well with: Echo of Undermining, Echo of Expulsion, Echo of Instability, Echo of Provision.

► Having a fragment that makes one of your more powerful abilities last longer is strong on its own; however, you can also pair it with something that buffs your grenade further more to make it even better.
Echo of Reprisal fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of ReprisalFinal blows when surrounded by combatants grant Super energy.Pairs well with: Echo of Leeching, Echo of Starvation.

► As this fragment requires you to be surrounded by enemies, you'll want something that gives you health regeneration to keep you alive.
Echo of Starvation fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of StarvationPicking up Orbs of Power grants Devour. -10 Recovery.Pairs well with: Echo of Persistence.

► This fragment allows Hunters and Titans to use Devour. An extremely powerful buff that gives you tons of health regeneration, Devour, and therefore this fragment, is extremely useful in both PVE and PVP.
Echo of Undermining fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of UnderminingYour Void grenades weaken targets. -20 Discipline.Pairs well with: Echo of Remnants.

► While only being a 15% debuff, this fragment grants you the ability to weaken anything in sight with no downsides.

Keep in mind that while this guide focuses on Fragments, Aspects are equally important. Combining the right Fragments with the right Aspects is crucial to create good synergies and effective loadouts. This is why you’ll see us refer to both all the time.

Void Aspects

These are all 9 Void Aspects currently available, 3 per class:

Aspect Class Effect
Chaos Accelerant Warlock Hold down the grenade button to overcharge your Vortex, Axion Bolt, Scatter, and Magnetic grenades. Magnetic grenades overcharge into Handheld Supernova.
Child of the Old Gods Warlock Cast your Rift to summon a Void Soul. When you damage an enemy with your weapon, your Void Soul will launch itself towards them and detonate nearby, attaching draining tendrils that deal damage and weaken the target. When your Void Soul deals damage, it restores either melee and grenade energy (if running Healing Rift), or health (if running Empowering Rift) back to you. Defeating an enemy who is being drained grants Rift energy.
Feed the Void Warlock Defeat an enemy with a Void ability to activate devour.
Stylish Executioner Hunter Defeating a Void-debuffed target (weakened, suppressed, or volatile) grants invisibility and Truesight. While invisible and after a Stylish Execution, your next melee attack weakens enemies.
Trapper’s Ambush Hunter Player can activate Quickfall to spend their melee charge and dive to the ground, creating a smoke cloud upon impact. Enemies caught in the cloud are weakened and allies become invisible. In addition, Snare Bombs, upon attaching to surfaces or enemies, cause nearby allies to become invisible.
Vanishing Step Hunter Dodging makes the Hunter invisible.
Bastion Titan Casting Barricade generates Overshield for yourself and nearby allies. Those bunkering behind the shield will regenerate Overshield over time and extend the Overshield’s duration.
Controlled Demolition Titan Hitting a target with a Void ability or volatile detonation will make them volatile.
Offensive Bulwark Titan While you have Overshield or are inside the Ward of Dawn, grenades charge significantly faster and you have increased melee damage. You also gain an additional shield throw for your Sentinel Shield Super.

Top Void 3.0 Builds

Now that we’ve covered all the new Void fragments, let’s talk about the best Void builds currently in the game.

Void Warlock Destiny 2 featured

Void Warlock build

Aspects: Feed the Void, Chaos Accelerant

Grenade: Vortex

Fragments: Echo of Persistence, Echo of Undermining, Echo of Remnants

Exotic: Contraverse Hold

This build is all about using your grenade to kill everything in sight, while also allowing you to debuff enemies and survive for longer.

To begin the gameplay loop of this build, all you need to do is throw a charged grenade (through Chaos Accelerant). Once you get one kill with it, you will instantly trigger Devour through Feed the Void, granting you health regeneration and extra grenade energy.

With Echo of Persistence and Echo of Remnants, getting grenade kills and keeping Devour up will be pretty easy, making this build great in all content. Echo of Undermining also adds some nice utility to your grenade and makes it more likely to kill the enemies you throw it at.

Lastly, Contraverse Hold allows you to regenerate even more of your grenade just by damaging a combatant with it, resulting in you sometimes getting your grenade back before the first one even disappears when combined with the rest of the build.

Overall, although this build is pretty simple, it easily allows you to throw infinite grenades and get tons of health regeneration. You can also easily add to this build using Charged with Light or Elemental Well mods, making the build even more potent. That being said, this is an amazing place to start and allows you to expand upon it as you’d like.


Void Titan Destiny 2 featured

Void Titan build

Aspects: Offensive Bulwark, Bastion

Fragments: Echo of Exchange, Echo of Persistence, Echo of Leeching

Exotic: Wormgod Caress

This build allows Titans to do exactly what they were born for–punching everything in the face.

To begin, you will use your barricade to give you and your nearby allies an overshield (Bastion). Not only will this grant you increased defensive capabilities, but it will also trigger Offensive Bulwark, which increases your grenade recharge rate and buffs your melee in a variety of ways. Melee kills will also make your overshield last longer, which benefits you even more.

Echo of Exchange will grant you extra grenade energy for every melee kill you get, and since this build is all about punching, you’ll be getting a lot of grenades too. Echo of Persistence will make your overshield last longer, which just helps make sure that you can keep chaining melee kills as much as you’d like. Lastly, Echo of Leeching triggers health regeneration after a melee kill, granting you even more protection (something that is very needed with how aggressively you’ll be playing).

Lastly, Wormgod Caress buffs your melee damage for each melee kill you get, which allows you to kill increasingly larger targets by just punching.

Just like the Warlock build, this can be expanded upon with different mods and weapons to make it even more potent, but this is a nice building block to begin with.


Void Hunter build

Void Hunter build

Aspects: Vanishing Step, Stylish Executioner

Fragments: Echo of Starvation, Echo of Remnants, Echo of Instability, Echo of Undermining

Exotic: Omnioculus

Weapon: Any Void Primary

Mod: Harmonic Siphon (Helmet, 1 energy)

This hunter build grants insane grenade regeneration and extreme survivability, to the point where you never need to even worry about death.

To begin, you’ll want to throw a grenade at a group of enemies. Not only will this debuff them (Echo of Undermining), but it will also make you invisible on kill (Stylish Executioner) and grant your void weapon Volatile Rounds (Echo of Instability). Because your weapon now makes everything volatile, kills with it will also instantly make you invisible.

In addition, since you are running Harmonic Siphon, your weapon will generate Orbs of Power, which you can pick up to gain Devour (Echo of Starvation). This will not only give you health regeneration but also grenade ability energy, allowing you to start this process all over again as frequently as you’d like.

Lastly, while everything else mentioned isn’t entirely needed, it all benefits this build in various ways. Omnioculus grants you damage resistance while invisible (which you are from almost every kill), Echo of Remnants makes your grenade last longer (ensuring you get a kill with it), and Vanishing Step is another way to go invisible just in case you’re in a tight situation.

Overall, this is a very strong build that allows you to be invisible with added health regeneration and damage resistance all of the time and allows you to make everything in sight volatile and weakened. Just like the other two, this build can be enhanced with various mods of your choosing, so it’s definitely worth experimenting with if you’re looking for something more powerful or complex.

Your turn

Hopefully this guide and builds will help you get started with Void 3.0. Just trust us when we say these new Void subclasses are extremely strong and insanely fun. They are available to all players, including free-to-play, and you should definitely give them a try!

What is your favorite Void 3.0 build so far?

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