Destiny 2 Supercharged mod: How to get it and Why

[toc] Supercharged is a Solar mod that takes the 2 base stacks of Charged with Light a Guardian can carry and adds 2 more. As such, this is a mod that can take a great Charged with Light build and make them even better.

This mod is incredibly helpful no matter what your build goals are. First, we’ll cover where to get the mod; then we’ll go over its perks and why you should be using it.

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How to get Supercharged in 2022?

Like the vast majority of Combat mods in Destiny 2, Supercharged can be purchased from Ada-1, located in the Tower. Be aware that since the release of The Witch Queen, she now offers 4 combat mods for sale per day.

Every day, the mods on offer change, which means you’ll have to pay her a visit every day until she sells Well of Tenacity again. Alternatively, you can follow the Destiny Insights Twitter bot. It will tell you, every day, what Ada-1 (and other important vendors), have for sale.

Destiny Insights bot Destiny 2

The cost for Supercharged is 10,000 Glimmer.

What does Supercharged do?

Supercharged is a simple mod with a large impact. From its description:

You can have 2 additional stacks of Charged with Light, up to a maximum of 5.

With this supplemental mod, your Guardian can carry 2 more stacks of Charged with Light. Additionally, the buffs you pair Supercharged with grow more powerful for each stack of Charged with Light used up to a maximum of 5. The benefits this can mean for paired mods is something no build should overlook as they can be absolute game-changers. Especially in end-game content.

There are no special instructions for this mod: Equip it and its effects will be active.

How do you use the Supercharged mod?

When equipped, Supercharged will allow Guardians to carry additional stacks of Charged with Light. In the example below, we’ll use the Protective Light mod to show how its duration is affected by each stack of Charged with Light when used.

  • 1 stack: 6 seconds buff duration
  • 2 stacks: 10 seconds buff duration
  • 3 stacks: 13 seconds buff duration
  • 4 stacks: 16 seconds buff duration
  • 5 stacks: 20 seconds buff duration

The difference of 14 seconds between 1 stack and the maximum of 5 is huge in a game like Destiny 2 where seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Be sure to check this guide for your specific mod of choice to see the benefits it will gain per stack of Charged with Light.

Does Supercharged stack?

Supercharged will stack with itself or similar Solar mods that increase how many stacks of Charged with Light you can carry. Supercharged will do so in increments of 2 up to a maximum of 5. Supercharged will work with any Charged with Light mod, as you can see in the example below with the Taking Charge mod:

  • Taking Charge on its own allows x2 stacks of Charged with Light
  • Taking Charge when paired with 1 Supercharged mod allows x4 stacks of Charged with Light
  • Taking Charge when paired with 2 Supercharged mods allows for x5 stacks of Charged with Light

Your turn

While 5 stacks of Charged with Light can be very useful, at 5 Solar energy per mod, the return of 1 additional stack might not balance out the cost of 2 Supercharged mods in your build.

I would recommend Supercharged be paired with a smaller mod like Charged Up to get to 5 stacks of Charged with Light. If you’re not going for a 5 stack build, Charged with Light may suit your needs more than Supercharged will.

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