Destiny 2 Black Armory armor: How to farm it in 2020

by | Jul 21, 2020

Black Armory armor sets are somewhat niche. They can only be found in one activity and are truly needed for only one thing.

Nonetheless, they are still sought after, mainly because they’re mandatory for specific Rare bounties from Ada-1 (in turn needed to obtain Izanagi’s Burden), but also because they look great. And with entire planets and items going into the Destiny Content Vault, these sets are among the best armor sets in Destiny 2 you should get your hands on before it’s too late.

As the name implies, Black Armory armor can only be found within Black Armory forge activities. That may be obvious, but there are ways you can obtain more armor than just completing Forges. Today, we’ll cover how to best farm this set and show you how it looks on all classes.

How to get Black Armory Armor: 2020 Edition

There are three different ways to obtain Black Armory armor in D2:

  1. Successful Forge completions (i.e. killing the boss before time runs out)
  2. Weekly bounties from Ada-1
  3. Using Forge Polymers

Forge completions don’t require much explanation. You just need to successfully complete Forge activities (which you can launch from Earth in your Director), and once in a while, you will get a piece of armor.

Unfortunately, the probabilities of getting armor are low. And if you’re hunting for a specific piece of armor, it becomes nearly impossible. For that reason, you should actively work on the two other methods in parallel:

Forge Weekly bounties

Ada-1 offers daily and weekly bounties, all essential to obtain Black Armory weapons. Everyone does Weekly bounties to be able to purchase weapon frames, but completing a weekly bounty also rewards you with a random piece of Black Armory Armor.

Black Armory Armor Weekly Bounties

Rewards from tuning in a Weekly bounty

Using a Forge Polymer

Forge Polymer is an item you can purchase from Ada-1. When consumed, it will guarantee a piece of armor when successfully forging a Black Armory weapon.

Forge Polymer cost:

  • 6 Black Armory Schematics (obtained from dismantling unwanted Black Armory weapons)
  • 10 Legendary Shards
Black Armory Armor Forge Polymer

Forge Polymers for sale at the Tower

Doing your 2 weekly bounties as well as purchasing and consuming Forge polymers are the fastest methods to farm armor.

That is, in a nutshell, the best way to farm this set. But as mentioned before, this set and others, such as the Escalation Protocol armor set, will be soon removed from the game, so you better start farming now!

PS: if you’re looking for high stat armor, you better look somewhere else (such as Iron Banner) as Black Armory armor usually caps at 55-59 total stats max.

All Black Armory armor sets

These are the three Black Armory armor sets:

Destiny 2 Black Armory Armor sets

As I mentioned, they look great. It’s certainly too bad these sets often roll with average stats, but the introduction of Transmog in a few months should solve that problem and make this set even more sought after.

These are the individual sets per class:

Black Armory armor: Titan Forged Machinist set

Destiny 2 Black Armory Armor Titan

Black Armory armor: Hunter Woven Firesmith set

Destiny 2 Black Armory Armor Hunter

Black Armory armor: Warlock Annealed Shaper set

Destiny 2 Black Armory Armor Warlock

As part of our effort to have Full-set images of every armor in the game, this is the Titan armor set up close:

Forged Machinist Set Titan Male

(Warlock and Hunter are still pending, and if you happen to have them and are willing to share images, let me know!)

Hopefully, you now know everything there is know about Black Armory armor. If you’re an armor collector or have a rare Forge bounty requiring you to wear the entire set: good luck and good farming!

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