Destiny 2 Artifact (Season 21): Perks and How to get it

by | May 24, 2023

The XP grind is one of the most important pillars of the Destiny 2 experience. By earning XP, you earn gear and items through the Season Pass, but more importantly, you can unlock your Seasonal Artifact. On top of granting you extra Power Levels, the seasonal Artifact also allows you to unlock extremely powerful Mods.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about the Seasonal Artifact (named the NPA Repulsion Regulator), including its Perks, Power level gains, and how to get it.

How to get the Seasonal Artifact: NPA Repulsion Regulator

Obtaining the NPA Repulsion Regulator artifact is easy; all you need to do is complete the “Beneath the Waves” introductory seasonal quest and then claim it at the H.E.L.M. This quest is free-to-play and requires neither Lightfall nor the Season 21 Pass.

NPA Repulsion Regulator Artifact

NPA Repulsion Regulator Artifact, Destiny 2

How it works

Every season comes with a new Artifact, which you can find in your Guardian’s inventory. As mentioned before, it plays an important role in Destiny 2. Not only does it grant extra Power Levels, but it also includes several Seasonal Mods. The extra Power Levels are useful for high-end content. The Seasonal Mods, on the other hand, are mandatory, as they include the mods needed to deal with Champions (plus other, meta-breaking mods).

Changes introduced with Season 20

The seasonal Artifact evolved in ways it never had before. With Season 20, the Artifact’s Mods, which you previously had to equip on your Armor, becomz passive Perks:

Artifact mods are now artifact perks.These are passive and you don’t have to slot them into armor pieces. Once you unlock an artifact perk, it automatically applies to your Guardian.

Season 21 Artifact Perks

The Season 21 NPA Repulsion Regulator Artifact features twelve perks. Just as in previous seasons, these are divided into several columns, requiring you to unlock most Perks in the first column before being able to move on to the next column.

NPA Repulsion Regulator Artifact screen Destiny 2

Column 1 Perks:

  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle: Allows auto rifles to pierce enemy barriers. Auto rifles are always overcharged when that modifier is active.
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon: Aiming down sights briefly before firing allows hand cannons to stun Unstoppable Champions. Hand cannons are always overcharged when that modifier is active.
  • Overload Scout Rifle: Hitting enemies with consecutive scout rifle shots will stun Overload Champions. Overcharges scout rifles when that modifier is applicable.
  • Overload Trace Rifle: Uninterrupted fire from your equipped Trace Rifles causes the beam to stun combatants, delaying ability energy regeneration and lowering their damage output. Strong against Overload Champions. Additionally, Trace Rifles are always overcharged when that modifier is active.
  • Unstoppable Glaive: Glaive projectiles can stun Unstoppable Champions, and glaives are always overcharged whenever applicable.

Column 2 Perks:

  • Authorized Mods: Arc: The armor energy costs of all armor mods affecting your Arc weapons are significantly discounted.
  • Authorized Mods: Void: Grants the same effect for Void weapons.
  • Authorized Mods: Strand: Grants the same effect for Strand weapons.
  • Authorized Mods: Melee: “Significantly” reduces the cost of mods affecting your melee.
  • Technicolor Siphon: Combines Strand Siphon and Arc Siphon into a single mod.

Column 3 Perks:

  • Improved Unraveling: Increases the amount of damage dealt by unraveling a target.
  • Deeper Origins: “Greatly improves” effects of the Unsated Hunger, Nanotech Tracer Rockets (Neomuna), Harmonic Resonance (Root of Nightmares), and Noble Deeds (Season of Defiance) origin traits.
  • Unto the Breach: Defeating a Void-debuffed enemy when you have a Void subclass equipped creates a Void Breach.
    Electric Armor: Stay amplified longer while your Arc subclass is equipped.
  • Thunderous Retort: Grants bonus Arc Super damage if cast while critically wounded or while amplified. Lasts until the end of the Super activation.

Column 4 Perks:

  • Strand Soldier: With a Strand subclass equipped, gaining Woven Mail also grants Unraveling Rounds to your Strand weapons.
  • Overcharged Armory: Weapons with the Unsated Hunger, Nanotech Tracer Rockets (Neomuna), Harmonic Resonance (Root of Nightmares), and Noble Deeds (Season of Defiance) traits are always overcharged weapons for you when that modifier is active.
  • Protective Breach: Picking up a Void Breach gives you an overshield or refreshes your existing overshield.
  • Counter Charge: Stunning a Champion gives you one stack of Armor Charge.
  • Amped Up: Being Amplified grants you damage resistance.

Column 5 Perks:

  • Conductive Cosmic Needle: Targets affected by Strand debuffs take increased damage from Arc and Void abilities.
  • Shock and Awe: Arc final blows while you are amplified summon a burst of lightning that damages and jolts targets.
  • Supernova: Picking up a Void Breach causes your next source of Void damage to create a large weakening pulse.
  • Squad Goals: Performing a finisher while you have Devour, Amplified, or Woven Mail with a matching subclass equipped grants bonus effects to nearby allies.
    • Void: Devour
    • Arc: Amplified
    • Strand: Woven Mail
  • Lightning Strikes Twice: After throwing an Arc grenade, gain increased grenade recharge for a short time. Arc final blows extend the duration of this benefit.

Other changes coming to Artifact Mods/Perks:

  • Specific Perks can now be toggled on and off (instead of having to reset the entire artifact!)
  • You can reset the artifact at no cost any number of times.
  • Artifice Armor has a unique mod slot that grants three additional points to a character stat of your choice.

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