Destiny 2 Bountiful Wells mod: How to get it (and why)

[toc] Elemental Wells allow you to regain ability energy faster, which can be a lifesaver in any hard content. Usually, the amount of Elemental Wells you get is set to one per mod. Bountiful Wells changes that by allowing your mods to stack. And thanks to an unlisted trait of this mod, it’s even more powerful than you may think.

But what should you do to get the most out of this mod and its powerful hidden ability? And more importantly, how can you get your hands on it?

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How to get Bountiful Wells in 2022?

Like the vast majority of Combat mods in Destiny 2, Bountiful Wells can be purchased from Ada-1, located in the Tower. Be aware that since the release of The Witch Queen, she now offers four combat mods for sale per day. Every day, the mods on offer change, which means you’ll have to pay her a visit every day until she sells Well of Tenacity again.

Alternatively, you can follow the Destiny Insights Twitter bot. It will tell you, every day, what Ada-1 (and other important vendors), have for sale. The cost for Bountiful Wells is 10,000 Glimmer.

What does Bountiful Wells do?

The mod’s description is deceptive:

Elemental well mods that cause you to spawn elemental wells can now stack, spawning additional wells for each additional copy of the mod you have equipped.

This means you can run multiple copies of Melee Wellmaker, Elemental Armaments, or whatever mod is central to your build. By narrowing your focus to one mod and having multiple copies of the same mod, you are able to really take advantage of one of your abilities.

However, the mod’s description leaves out one key trait of the mod. Bountiful Wells is also acting as a copy of your Elemental Well mods. This means you will create two Wells each time you’d normally create one. This allows you to maximize your abilities in your builds because it reduces your cooldown times dramatically.

Does Bountiful Wells stack?

While Bountiful Wells is a very powerful mod, it does have its limitations. Stacking the Bountiful Wells mod itself doesn’t work, and Elemental Wells do not work in the Crucible.

This chart gives an example with Elemental Ordinance & Melee Wellmaker as they perform the same. Most mods will receive an additional well for each copy of the mod you run, usually to a maximum of four Elemental Ordinance & Melee Wellmaker.

Mods Wells Generated
Wellmaker 1
Wellmaker + BW 2
2x Wellmaker + BW 3
3x Wellmaker + BW 4

How do you use the Bountiful Wells mod?

This mod’s value is not immediately obvious, but it makes all of your other Elemental Well Mods more powerful. By using Bountiful Wells with any other mod that creates Wells, you are creating an additional Well. This means more abilities, and because Bountiful Wells makes other mods stack, you can get three or more Wells each time you would create one. When looking to make a build with Bountiful Wells, you will need at least 1 armor piece that can take Solar mods.

A sample loadout may look like this:

Armor Piece Mod Mod Cost
Head Bountiful Wells 2 Solar
Arms Melee Wellmaker 4 Any
Chest Melee Wellmaker 4 Any
Legs Elemental Ordinance 3 Any
Class Item Elemental Ordinance 3 Any

The gameplay loop to use Bountiful Wells goes as follows:

The mod setup above means that every time you get a kill using your powered melee or grenade, you get ability energy. Every time one of the mods activates, you will get 3 Elemental Wells. Because each Elemental Well gives you 10% of your ability energy to your lowest ability, you will be getting back 30% of your ability back every time you use your ability. Alternating between your abilities to generate Wells can create near infinite ability loops.

Your turn

What do you think of this mod? Is there another path to near-infinite abilities? Let us know in the comment section!

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  1. Fortress

    There is a spelling mistake here, “Elemental Ordinance”, the quote from Cambridge Dictionary:
    ordinance: a law, usually one made by a city or regional government.
    ordnance: military supplies, especially weapons and bombs.

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